GNU C++ Compiler

Debugging: Run-time Errors

Mistakes the compiler doesn't catch (the hardest problems to solve sometimes)
cin/cout outputs wrong number of items or just completely skips some
Check that you have arrows, not commas, between every 2 items (variables, strings, function calls, etc., all count as separate items.
Loop or decision statement doesn't work
Check for semicolons at the end of a loop or decisiont statement. They don't belong there (if, do, while, for, etc. do not take a semicolon at the end of the line)!
switch/case statement 'bleeds' from one case to the next
There must be a break; at the end of every case in a switch() block.
Wrong answer to a seemingly correct formula
Remember operator precedence! Start by adding lots of parentheses--it can't hurt to have a lot of them! This is especially important in complex formulas where the precedence may be obvious to you, but not to the compiler.

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