Roberto D. Ordóñez

8660 Cobblefield Dr Apt 2B
Columbia, MD 21045
Objective To design and develop complete software solutions that maximize effectiveness and productivity in the workplace, classroom, and home; and to share my knowledge, skills, and passion for computing with others through teaching and training.


M.S. in Software Engineering - Andrews University  
Summa cum laude, cumulative GPA: 4.0
 Jun 1997
B.S. in Computer Science - Southern Adventist University
B.A. in German, Secondary Education Certification, minors in Math and Religion, Southern Scholar (honors), magna cum laude, cum. GPA: 3.8
 May 1995
Experience  Chair, Department of Computer Science - Columbia Union College 
Lead out in strategic planning, budgeting, curriculum design and other administrative tasks, and teach various upper- and lower-division courses.
 Aug 2002 -
Member, ACM Special Interest Group for CS Education (SIGCSE)
Participate in professional conferences focusing on teaching and fostering student research programs at various levels, including high school (AP).
 Mar 1999 -
Independent Consultant and Trainer
Design and develop software solutions for local businesses, and train professional developers in the use of new technologies.
 Jan 1997 -
Assistant Professor of Computing - Andrews University
Taught various undergraduate- and graduate-level Computer Science and Software Engineering courses both on campus and at international extension sites, and managed the department's lab and technical support services.
 Jul 1997 -
Aug 2002
Graduate Teaching Assistant - Andrews University
Taught basic Computer Science courses and seminars including CS1.
 Sep 1995 -
Jun 1997
Lab Assistant and Manager - Southern Adventist University
Managed, staffed and maintained the main lab (30 PCs on a LAN).
 Sep 1990 -
May 1995


The skills I would bring to your organization include:
  • Application of traditional and contemporary SDLC models and processes
  • Web Application design and development using Perl/CGI, Java and JavaScript
  • Fluency in many languages including C/C++, Java, Delphi, Perl, PHP and VB
  • Familiarity with a rich set of current and legacy technologies such as Oracle RDBMS, MS SQL Server; Solaris, Linux, and Windows OS's; Java & .NET
  • Extensive experience in selecting, installing, maintaining and troubleshooting a variety of PC and workstation hardware and software
  • Teaching others to understand, design, implement and use hardware and software solutions effectively
  • Selecting, hiring and managing personnel
  • Developing, implementing and revising workgroup vision, mission and policies
  • Fluency in Spanish and German, and working knowledge of French and Esperanto
  • Extensive multi-cultural, multi-lingual, international experience


Available upon request