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Crank's Hardware

Our History

Crank’s Hardware is a family run and owned local business for over 50 years! Currently we have a large selection of electrical, plumbing and hardware needs that support five counties. We are the current largest hardware store in the state.

We are proud of our friendly and knowledgeable staff and was voted “The store that has the most outstanding customer service!” by the Newville Chronicle for the last 30 years!

To be able to hold our standards and compete with our competitors, our goal is to expand our selection to include both local and foreign automotive parts.




					Commercial --- $400.00 
					Residential --- $250.00 
					Industrial --- $500.00 
					Construction --- $325.00 


  1. General Hardware
  2. Dry Walling
  3. Paints
  4. Lawn and Garden
  5. Pets


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