Welcome to Istyrr's Website
Welcome to my personal website.  I hope that you will enjoy your visit here, and hopefully come back another time.  The music you hear, or will hear shortly, is by DJ Sammy, and is called "Heaven"  This song is one of my favorites, and you can find more information on it, and my other songs, on the music page.
Under the Mai Ai Hee page, you will find the origonal, unedited version of the Mai Ai Hee movie, along with the edited versions, and the song itself.
The other options on the menu are rather self-explanitory, I believe.  So I will let you get bakc to your listening experince and your web-surfing delights.
Welcome.  This weeks updates are:  The page your looking at, and the Mai Ai Hee page.
I will be adding more onto this website as I progress and have the time.  Please be patient, as it is still under contruction.
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