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Jeff Forsythe

The originator of the Maroon Canine idea. It is he who thought up such nonsense. In fact, this isn't the first time. Try Googling "Warbling Bovines"

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Welcome to Maroon Canine

Our Aim --

Here at Maroon Canine we strive to offer the best and most innovative services available. Not only will we offer some interesting products, but Maroon Canine also aims to provide products geared toward an ever-changing society. Our sales department at our Maroon Canine Headquarters will work around the clock to monitor the market and take input from consumers -- from you -- to see what type of products YOU want.

What this means to you --

With this type of market analysis, we at Maroon Canine can ensure that the products we offer will always reflect what our customers want. We will also be taking input from customers who would like to suggest other products for Maroon Canine to offer. This means that you can get involved. No longer will the customer just stand by while companies dictate to them what they can buy. Now it's your turn to say what YOU want.

Types of products we aim to offer --

Most of the products Maroon Canine will make available are ground-breaking electronic devices, such as state-of-the-art portable music players, cutting-edge laptops, and high-capacity storage devices. However, these are not limits to the products Maroon Canine will offer; they are only foundations. We will offer much more as time progresses.

Getting Involved --

If you would like to contact the company, visit our contact page and find the contact number for your country. You can also email us at