The New You: 10 in 10

Lose 10 pounds in 10 weeks in the "10 in 10" Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance Program. Increase your energy, feel more fit, and become the New You this Year!

This program is exclusively available to Andrews University students. Space is limited to 15 female participants.

Hurry to pick up your "10 in 10" Program application in the Nutrition & Wellness Department Office, located on the 3th floor of Marsh Hall. "10 in 10" Program fees are only $50.00, which can be charged to your Andrews Student Account. The sign up deadline is Friday, 12/14/2007.

Give yourself the Gift of Fitness and a Great New Look! As a "10 in 10" Program participant you will receive encouragement and assistance through a progressive Mind/Body holistic approach, including nutritional assessment and counseling, cooking classes, group meetings, social and spiritual support, water gymnastics, aerobic exercise, body building, deep breathing relaxation, mental imagery visualization, and one to one mentor support from the "10 in 10 Team."

The team consists of enthusiastic Andrews University Community Nutrition students, under the learership of Dr. Peter Pribis and staff committed to helping you achieve your personal Weight Loss goals. The "Team" will guide you through the process of incorporating sound nutritional and fitness habits, and share state of the art Weight Loss techniques to help insure your success. Get acquainted with the "10 in 10 Team" online. They're excited to offer this exceptional program and can't wait to help you achieve your Weight Loss goals!