Big Face Grace

This week in the Andrews University Student Movement they did and article
on "Big Face Grace". Blue Rock is proud of what "Big Face Grace" is doing. Thanks
Tim and Roy.
Here is the article from the SM:

--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Big Face Grace performed for the BRANCH vespers program last friday
night in Johnson Gym. During the hour-and-a-half concert, the Christian
rock band, composed of four current and former Andrews students, played songs
from their new CD, Face the World, and some other unreleased tunes.

"Bus Stop," the opening track from Face the World, got things
rolling.Drummer Roy Ice started pounding out the rhythm and soon the
rest of the band(Tim Gillespie, lead vocals and guitar; Mike Knecht,
guitars; and Jeff Wright, bass joined in on this song about the Prodigal
Son. A professional multi-media presentation illustrating each song was
projected onto a large screen at the back of the stage throughout the concert.

Throughout most of the performance, the band was tight and each instrument
had an integal part in the arrangements. The band's tight groove was broken
about halfway through the concert when a circuit in the gym blew out during
the song "John Jacob." During the unplanned "intermission," Gillespie bantered
with the audience and led them in singing some praise songs. After about 10 minutes
power was restored and the concert resumed. The effects of the disruption were
evident in the next couple of songs. But soon, Big Face Grace found the groove
again and played as if nothing had happened.

The audience of mostly sollege students didn't quite know what to make of having
a Christian rock concert for vespers. Sometimes they clapped to the rhythm, but most
of the time they sat politely listening to the music. Gillespie finally got the audience
to stand and clap toward the end of the concert during songs like "Ani's Song" and
"That Wing."

After playing the audience singalong "Big Fish Manasseh," the concert ended on a deeply
spiritual note. Big Face Grace led the audience in several more praise songs and the Holy
Spirit could be felt as Jesus was exalted as Lord and Savior.

By: Mark Feldbush SM Christian Music Reviewer --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------