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Serena Williams is the single most best player in the history of the world!!!! yay, everyone cheer for her, and love her.

Well, She has won 7 Grand Slams, and has won this year's Australian Open. She is really good at tennis , but she doesn't allow it to take over her life, and that's a good thing too.

She got like straight A's in college, and she is also involved in acting, writing, ( she and sister Venus wrote a book for teens), fashion design, and she does alot of other things as well.

She is just a really well rounded person, and she also believes in God. She hits the ball amazingly hard, off of both the forehand and backhand side. Her serve is the biggest weapon in the world, and she dominates the court.

Good luck to the best tennis playere ever!!!!: Serena Williams

>>> This is a picture of Serena playing tennis theis year.