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warbling bovines faceThe warbling bovines site is dedicated to bring all that is good and worthy about warbling bovines. What are warbling bovines, you might be asking? Warbling bovines are nothing else than "singing cows." And the truth is, when cows are treated fairly and lovingly, they sing out in joy just like humans.

In case you're wondering what all this non-sense is, here is the explanation. You've been pointed to this website as an experiment for my class in Web Publishing II at Andrews University. Several of us students are creating dummy "warbling bovines" sites like this one and then applying learned principles to see which one will end up as the top-ranked site in Google when the keywords "warbling bovines" are typed in.

I would greaty appreciate if you helped me out in this experiment by adding on your website a simple link to this website. The more sites are linking to me, the higher the ranking... simple as that.

Thanks, and enjoy warbling bovines surfin'.




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