CHMN737-Strategies for Church Growth

Christian Ministries Department

Instructor: Ricardo Norton- D.Min.
Fall Semester 2001
October 16-27, 2000 - Tuesdays 3:30 6:20
Home: (616) 471-8318 Office: (616) 471-3246 Secretary: (616) 471-6170

Description of the course

An in-depth study of the factors that promote or hinder church growth, followed by a strong emphasis on developing specific growth strategies for the local church.
The course provides ministers with the basic principles and tools promoted by church growth theorists. It examines the theology and history of the church growth movement, as well as the principles and methods it teaches. The intensive is designed to help pastors diagnose the present health of churches and to prescribe the right remedies for growth.


Pre-Intensive requirements
A. Required reading
a. Wagner, C. Peter. Strategies for Church Growth. Ventura, CA: Regal, 1987.
b. Wagner, C. Peter. ed. with Arn, W. and Towns, E. Church Growth: State of the Art. Wheaton, IL: Tyndale, 1986.
c. Schwarz, Christian A. Natural Church Development: a Guide to Eight Essential Qualities of Healthy Churches. Carol Stream, IL: ChurchSmart Resources, c1996 (BV3 .S39).
o Reading reports account for 10 % of the total grade and should be submitted in writing at an average of 2 pages per book. The reports should answer some of the following questions about the book:
- Is the title appropriate? misleading? a gimmick?
- Is the subject too broad, too shallow or too big for the author?
- Is the author thorough in the treatment of the topic?
- Is the contents of the book relevant to ministry?
- Is the content reliable? Is there anything indicating the content should not be trusted?
- Is the subject vital? To whom?
- Is the author clear and logical? Is the sequence natural?
- Is the book convincing? Are there declarations in this book you could not endorse?
- Does the author deal with more subjects than suggested by the title?
- In the scale 1-10 what grade would you give this book?
- Did the author skip important issues related to the subject that should have been included?
o These books can be purchased through the Andrews University Bookstore-(800) 385-2001.

B. Write a 10 page paper entitled "Ellen White's Principles for Church." This requirement accounts for 10 % of the total grade.

C. Submit a written report of the most successful church growth program you have implemented or witnessed. The report should have the following parts:
a. Description of the program
b. Implementation of the program-how, when, where, duration, etc.
c. Evaluation of the program
o This report should be presented orally before classroom peers at a time assigned by the instructor during the first day of class. Both, the written report and its oral presentation accounts for 20% of the final grade.

D. These three pre-intensive requirements are due on the first day of class and account for 40 % of the total grade.

During the intensive-Requirements
A. Punctual attendance to all classes-a maximum of 10 % absence of the total teaching time is allowed.
B. A 10-15 minute oral presentation of the church growth program described on point "C" of the pre-intensive requirements.

Post-intensive Requirements
A. Prepare a 60 page paper on one of the following topics:
a. "Biblical Foundations for Church Growth"
b. "Church Growth Principles from the Bible"
c. "Church Growth Principles"
d. "Church Growth Strategies"
e. "A Church Growth Strategy for [name church]"
f. "EGW on Strategies for Church Growth"
g. "Church Growth Enemies"
h. "Church Growth Friends"

B. With permission of the instructor, students who already know their dissertation topic may choose a subject that can fit into their dissertation. For approval, students most submit an outline of the dissertation indicating how the paper will fit into the monograph.

C. This paper accounts for 60% of the total grade.
a. Content 40%
b. Organization 5 %
c. Format 5%
d. Investigation 10%

D. Due date-April 30, 2001
a. Late papers are penalized with half a letter grade.
b. Withdrawal from the course or audit must be done in writing before this date; otherwise, student's grade sheet will be submitted to the registrar's office with a DG-deferred grade.
c. Students may use the attached bibliography for the elaboration of this paper.

F. For off-campus students
a. To have graded papers returned, they will have to be submitted with a self-addressed, stamped manila envelope.
All written papers and reports should be submitted double-spaced and in accordance to Andrews University Standards for Written Work-available at Andrews University Bookstore.


1. If registered for extra credits, the student must complete an additional project assigned by the instructor.

2. Late work is subject to a grade penalty

3. Any changes that are announced in class will supersede the information printed in this course outline.


October 16-27, 2000

Monday - Thursday: 8 a.m.-noon, 2-6 p.m.
Friday: 8 a.m.-noon

Final examination: As posted

Course Grade:

Assignments Points

Pre-intensive requirements 40
End of course requirements 60
Total points 100


Defining Church Growth
Church Growth terminology
Church Growth Strategies-challenges and meaning
Types of Church Growth
Church Growth Images

Donald McGavran-founder
Peter Wagner Era-1981-1988
Critics of the movement
James A. Scherer
Alfred Krass
Orlando E. Costas
Bill Hull

The opinion of the experts
Other marks of growing churches
What growing churches need
The marks of the magnetic church
The marks of members in growing churches
The marks of growing large churches
Counsels on growth
Churches grow like trees
Church growth and fishing
Growth propulsion agencies

Church growth diseases
Vital signs
Why churches decline
Church growth enemies
Church growth friends
Why the apostolic church grew
The tasks of friendly churches
Important substantives
Evaluating church growth
Important considerations
Church growth analysis
Diagnostic questions
Diagnostic ideas form Revelation 2 an 3

Growth Patters
Measuring growth
Failing strategies
Why some church growth strategies fail
The Bible and failing strategies
Evangelistic strategies
McGavran/Arn ten steps
Centripetal evangelism
Centrifugal evangelism
Web evangelism
Osmosis evangelism
Philanthropic evangelism
Specialized evangelism
Child evangelism
Strategies for child evangelism
Church planting
Who is church planting for
Advantages of newly planted churches
Church planting models
Steps in planting churches
Small groups
Small group foundations
Types of groups
Steps in small group formation
How to prepare small group discussions
The program
Paul Yonggi Cho
Outreach Sabbath Schools
Historical foundations
Types of Sabbath Schools
Targeting receptive people
Evangelization of church ceremonies



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