Ricky's Theory on the History of the Homepage

My Theory on the History of the Homepage

The concept of the personal homepage, in my mind, has evolved greatly since the early days of the Web. As far as I can tell, the homepage began as a place to put the addresses of all the sites its owner frequented. This made it easier for the owner to entangle themself in the web. People used to use other people's homepages as starting points as well, if they were interested in similar things. Then with the advent of such well organized and seemingly comprehensive collections of links like Yahoo!, the personal list of links and the original point of homepages became pointless. Then, as more people frequented each other's homepages, it was found necessary by the masses to use their homepage as one more means of expressing their inherant coolness (the quantity of which is always in question), but of course, the old "hot list" remained, although that name is not always used. So, now in our current state of entanglement, the "homepage" is an element of self-expression filled with useless information that one hopes other people will look at. Because of such indices as Yahoo! I have abandoned the archaic concept of the hot list and included only information of my own creation.

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