Siege of Alamo

February 23, 1836 - Day 1
1:00 pm - The Mexican Army arrives into view (Lord 101).
3:00 pm - 600 men of the Mexican Army enter San Antonio de Bexar (Lord 101).
Afternoon - Bowie and Travis try negotiating with Santa Anna (Lord 102).
Evening - When Santa Anna asks for complete surrender, Travis answers with a cannon shot (Lord 104).
Evening - Bowie collaspes with an unknown illness, so Travis takes over complete command (Lord 106).

February 24, 1836 - Day 2
This is the first full day of the siege.
Night - Travis' appeal for troops is sent (Lord 107).
No casualties.

February 25, 1836 - Day 3
10:00 am - 12:00 pm - The Mexicans carry out the first minor assault on the fort. The Mexicans were driven back to some houses which were immediately burned by the Texans (Lord 108).
Afternoon - The Mexicans receive reinforcements (Lord 110).
Night - Travis sends a message to Houston asking for more men (111).
Still no Texan casualties.

February 26, 1836 - Day 4
Texan sharpshooters pick off Mexicans in the midst of "safe" tasks (Lord 116).
No real action.

February 27, 1836 - Day 5
The Texans finish digging a well, so they no longer depend on an outside water source (Lord 116).
The irrigation ditch which brought water to the Alamo is blocked by the Mexicans (Lord 116).

February 28, 1836 - Day 6
The Mexican cannonade bombardment is stepped up (Lord 117).

February 29, 1836 - Day 7
Some of the Mexicans go to cut off Fannin who was bringing reinforcements, but had already given up (Lord 127).

March 1, 1836 - Day 8
3:00 am - Thirty-two men from Gonzales break through enemy lines and enter the Alamo (Lord 128). This was the only substantial reinforcement that the Alamo received.
Afternoon - The Texans accidently shoot Santa Anna's headquarters with the 12-pound cannon (Lord 129).

March 2, 1836 - Day 9
Nothing noteworthy happened.

March 3, 1836 - Day 10
11:00 am - Jim Bonham safely enters Alamo (Lord 137). He is the last friendly person to enter the Alamo.
Afternoon - Mexican reinforcements appear. They now have 2400 men and 10 cannons (Lord 138).
Midnight - Travis sends a message to the capital, Washinton-on-the-Brazos, asking for help (Lord 141).

March 4, 1836 - Day 11
Early Morning - The Mexicans finish a new battery at close range. The bombardment starts cracking the walls (Lord 144).
Afternoon - A Mexican woman in the Alamo leaves and tells Santa Anna that the Alamo's walls are falling apart and would be easy to take (Lord 145).

March 5, 1836 - Day 12
Morning - The Mexicans north battery is now 200 yards from the Alamo (Lord 146).
Afternoon - Santa Anna designs a plan to take the Alamo.
5:00 pm - The Mexican bombardment quits for a few hours. During this time Travis calls the garrison together. He tells them that anyone who wants to can leave. Louis Rose is the only person who leaves (Lord 146).
No casualties (Lord 146).

March 6, 1836 - Day 13
Midnight - Last message from Alamo dispatched.
Midnight - The Mexican Army assembles for battle.
1:00 am - The four Mexican columns move to position.
4:00 am - The Mexican army is in position.
5:00 am - The final assualt begins.
6:30 am - The Alamo is taken and all the defenders are killed. Six prisoners are taken, but were killed by Santa Anna's personal staff (Lord 152).

The Alamo under attack.

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Santa Anna's Plan of Attack

Four columns would attack at the same time. One from the northwest, one from the northeast, one from the east, and one from the south. There were also 400 reserves. The attack would be concentrated on the north wall. Eighteen hundred men would be used in the attack. The attack would commence on March 6 at 4:00 am (Lord 149).

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