Not a soldier crossed the line

Tradition says that during a pause in the constant bombardment on March 5, Travis called everyone together. Then he drew a line in the dirt with his sword and said that anyone who wanted to stay and fight to the death should cro ss the line. All but one crossed. Louis (Moses?) Rose was the only one who did not cross the line (Wood).

This was first reported as a third person account. And for a long time no one believed it. Other personal accounts say that a man named Rose left shortly before the final assault. However the mentionings of the line in the sand are conflicting at best. For instance, Mrs. Dickinson had the story backwards. Those who wanted to leave crossed the line, and she said it happened on the first day, February 24. A collection of sources say it is quite probable that Travis gathered the men together and said a nyone who wanted could leave; however, there is no reliable evidence proving the line. There is Rose's and Mrs. Dickinson's account for it and the line would have fit Travis' character; however, the man who wrote down Rose's account said he made up part of the story but never said what part. However, there is no proof against the line, so the general consensus is to believe the story (Lord 201).

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