These sites are good places to look for information about research topics and especially math.

Search engines

Yahoo! - Good place to start searching for information.  Catagorizes sites by topic.

MSN - More general search engine that usually finds sites that yahoo! didn't.

CNN - Good place to look for news articles.


General Reference

Dictionary - dictionary, thesaurus, translations

Encyclopedia - encyclopedia, dictionary, atlas



Math Forum @ Drexel - - how to..., problem of the day, math fun

Math history @ Yahoo! - - Links to sites about the history of mathematics

Algebra Tutorials - Explanations, quizzes, and tutorial videos

Algebra How-to - Algebra how-to lessons, resources, worksheets

Order of Operations - Rules, Mnemonic to remember the rules, worksheets, and examples

Trigonometry Tutorials - Solving trig problems, radians, sine and cosine rules, identities, formulas

Trigonometry identities - Listing and explanation of trig identities

Geometry Proof Help - Question and Answer about geometric proofs

Geometry Tutorial and Facts - Help, Facts, Tutorials, for most areas of high school geometry

Pre-Algebra help and review - Help with order of operations, fractions, and writing equations.

Free Math Journals on the Internet - Links to free math journals on the Internet that you can use in research.


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