Cartoon Mania is a Practice Website

Welcome to Cartoon Mania - the Website that is dedicated to Cartoons!
Although this is a practice website, we will be doing things that web developers do when designing and coding websites. This will be our Cartoon Mania's Home page, which is the 1st/main page of our website.

Cartoon Families and Characters

In a recent student survey, the top 3 best-known cartoon families were:
  1. The Flintstones
  2. The Jetsons
  3. The Adams Family

In the same survey, the top favorite cartoon characters were:

In addition to the above favorite cartoon characters, some of the survey's more popular cartoon couples were:
                          WIFE                        HUSBAND
                          Wilma                       Fred
                          Betty                       Barney
                          Minnie                      Mickey

The favorite cartoon couple was Wilma and Fred
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