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Revised July, 2006

Article I. Membership

Section 1. Application

All applications for membership shall be in writing to the treasurer of the Association.

Section 2. Voting Rights

All members shall be entitled to one vote. Voting may not be done by proxy.

Section 3. Termination of Membership

Payment of dues will result in membership for the current year Sept. 1 to August 31.

Membership in the orgaqnization may be terminated for non-payment of dues as provided in the Bylaws.

Article II. Dues

Annual dues for regular members shall be $20.00. Retired persons, students, and residents from developing countries shall pay $10.00.

Article III. Membership Meetings

Section 1. Number of Meetings

One annual conference (usually held in conjunction with the annual conference of the American Library Association) is authorized, and other meetings as needed may be called by the Executive Committee of the Association.

Section 2. Quorum

A majority of the ASDAL members at the conference shall constitute a quorum at any meeting.

Section 3. Host Library Staff

Host library staff members whose library responsibilities prevent them from fully participating in the annual conference will be allowed to attend the conference sessions without registering. They will not receive the conference packet.

Article IV. Officers

Section 1. Executive Committee

Officers of the Association shall be: President, President-elect, Secretary, Treasurer, and ASDAL Action Editor. These officers, with the immediate past President, shall serve as the Executive Committee. The President may invite others to meet with the Executive Committee as appropriate.

Duties of the Executive Committee shall include: approval of the agenda for the ASDAL business session, oversight of the publications of the Association in all formats, appointment of the coordinators, selection of an auditor for the treasurer's records, and provide for the auditing of the treasurer's records at the end of each elected term. In the event of a resignation, the books will be audited.

Section 2. Qualifications

Any regular member in good standing shall be qualified to hold office.

Section 3. President

The Association President shall serve for one year and shall provide active leadership in the direction of the stated objectives, goals, and purposes of the organization within their contexts. He or she shall preside at all meetings of the Executive Committee, except as he or she shall delegate this responsibility, for single occasions, to the President-elect. He or she shall determine procedures and conduct elections for Association officers. All publicity concerning the Association shall originate with or have the approval of the President before being offered to the press or other news media.

Section 4. President-elect

The President-elect shall serve for one year, shall act on behalf of the President in his or her absence and shall plan the program for the annual conference following his or her election. The President-elect shall be responsible for arranging meeting space, equipment, facilities in general (including secretarial help) for the annual meeting of the Association, and shall render such other services as it is agreed, in consultation with the President, should be performed.

Section 5. Secretary

The Secretary shall serve for two years, shall record the official minutes of the Association, present them in abridged form for approval at the annual conference, and perform such other functions as are customary for the office of Secretary. The Secretary shall collect all written materials distributed at annual conferences, and copies of written reports and presentations as available. These, with a copy of the approved and corrected minutes, shall be stored in the archives. The Secretary shall be responsible for seeing that the records are shipped to the archives. (See Article xx of the Bylaws.) The Secretary shall collect statistics for the previous fiscal year from the Seventh-day Adventist academic libraries in North America by November 30, using the approved ASDAL form and coordinating changes/updates to the form. The results of this survey shall be distributed to the directors of the same libraries and to the Assistant Secretary of the Board of Higher Education and to the Director of Education of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists. A notice of their availability shall be printed in the winter issue of ASDAL Action. The Secretary's duties begin with the collection of statistics. The Secretary shall record the minutes of the following annual conference and shall prepare the complete minutes of that conference to be distributed to the officers, library directors and the archives/heritage rooms in institutions of higher education in the North American Division before the fall issue of ASDAL Action. The abridged minutes shall be included (in reduced format) in the fall issue of ASDAL Action.

Section 6. Treasurer

The term of the Treasurer shall be three years. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to distribute promotional materials, receive dues, dispense Association funds, and maintain such financial records of transactions as may be required, and present an annual financial report to the Association.

The Treasurer shall serve as the official fiscal officer of the Association and be a member of the Association elected by the membership. This position is not bonded. The Treasurer shall take office for a term of three years, beginning at the end of the fiscal year during which his/her election is announced, and shall not succeed himself/herself in this office more than once. The The Treasurer shall serve as the official fiscal officer of the Association and oversee all fiscal transactions. The duties of the Treasurer shall be to receive membership dues, ASDAL Action subscription fees, conference registration fees not collected by the host institution, vendor donations to the Association, and donations to the Hilts endowment fund. The treasurer deposits funds on behalf of the Association to a financial institution as directed by the Association.

The treasurer also shall have authority to sign checks and drafts on behalf of the Association for disbursement of funds normal operating expenses and duly authorized purposes of the Association as provided by Bylaws or by vote of the Executive Committee. Normal and regular expenses include publication of ASDAL Action, Association membership renewals and conference related expenses. Funds are dispensed by check drawn against the Association’s banking vendor.

The Treasurer maintains such financial records of transactions as may be required, including records of paid invoices, bank statements and bank deposits. These records are maintained by the treasurer for the term of office and are submitted to the Archives at the end of the three year term of election. The Association Treasurer has no responsibility for Chapter financials.

The Treasurer prepares full, detailed and accurate financial reports as requested by the Executive Committee and prepares a report annually to the general membership at the annual conference. The treasurer assists the Executive Committee in having a certified public accountant audit the Association’s financial records annually, or at a change in the office of the treasury, or at the discretion of the Executive Committee.

Along with managing Association funds, the treasurer is the address of record for the Association, and serves as custodial for the Association name stamp. Other associated duties include creating and maintaining the membership list and providing address labels as needed, issuing membership cards, obtaining and maintaining registration of the ASDAL Internet address, and maintaining Association listings in association directories. Additionally, the Treasurer serves as liaison to the Community Foundation, and serves as ex- officio on Association Committees as assigned.



Section 7. ASDAL Action Editor

The ASDAL Action Editor shall serve a term of two years and shall publish ASDAL Action three times annually. The fall issue shall include the abridged minutes of the last conference and the Adventist Resources Section; the membership directory shall be published no later than the winter issue; the spring issue shall include the preliminary program and business agendas for the coming conference (mailed at least 30 days prior to the meeting). The Editor shall have final authority over content and format of ASDAL Action within the limits of the budget and the Association purposes.

Section 8. Election of Officers

A slate of candidates shall be presented to the Association by the Nominating Committee in the winter issue of ASDAL Action. The Nominating Committee may nominate one or two individuals for each office or committee vacancy. A candidate is elected upon receiving at least 51% of the vote. The President shall count the ballots and formally announce the results at the annual conference. As chair of the Business Session, the President will vote only to break a tie.

Section 9. Vacancies

Any vacancy arising in the office of President after the annual conference shall be filled by the President-elect, who shall cease to be President-elect, serve out the unexpired one-year term of the President, and continue as President for the full succeeding term to which he or she was elected. Vacancies for other offices shall be filled by the runner-up for that office. If that person is unavailable, the position shall be filled by Executive Committee appointment.

Article V. Sections

Special interest groups within the membership of the Association shall constitute a section. The sections shall be governed by a working committee and may form project and other committees as needed.

Section 1. Adventist Resources Section

  1. The Adventist Resources Section is comprised of those members of the Association who are concerned with the collection and preservation of Adventist materials.

  2. The section shall elect a working committee comprised of five committee members.

  3. It shall be the duty of the chairperson to implement work on projects assigned by ASDAL or chosen by the section in session; to plan a one-day session or workshop to convene in connection with the annual ASDAL conference; to provide to the ASDAL Action editor information for the section's column in each issue.

  4. The section in session shall elect a secretary to record minutes of the session and provide a copy to the Association Secretary. Abridged Section minutes will be prepared (in reduced format) for the Fall issue of ASDAL Action.

Section 2. School Library Section

  1. The purpose of the School Library Section is to examine issues relating to Seventh-day Adventist school libraries.

  2. It is the responsibility of the chairperson to plan sessions at the annual conference devoted to topics related to school libraries.

  3. The working committee has five members, two of whom shall be a recording secretary and a membership secretary.

  4. The recording secretary shall record minutes of the sessions and provide a copy to the Association secretary.

  5. The membership secretary shall be responsible for promoting membership in the section.

  6. A School Library Section Planning Committee shall assist the chairperson of this section. This committee shall be chaired by an academic librarian who is interested in helping this section. This librarian shall be appointed by the Executive Committee. There shall be two additional members of this committee selected by the chairperson from among the ASDAL members who are school librarians.

  7. [Note: The EC is concerned that the School Librarians be tied closer to the ASDALas a group. As is, this committee is made up of five members. The chair appointed by the EC and that chair selects two members. How are the other two selected?]

Article VI. Standing Committees

The standing committees, including their purposes and memberships, are as follows:

Section 1. Classification Advisory Committee

The purpose of the Classification Advisory Committee is to advise the editor and manager of the "Classification for Adventists and Ellen White" in such matters as changes in the schedules and publication of the scheme. The Classification Editor[What is a Classification Editor. Not defined anywhere] and Publisher are is an ex officio members, and there are three elected members representing different institutions which are using the scheme. One member of the committee shall be from Loma Linda University.

Section 2. Constitution and Bylaws Committee

The purpose of the Constitution and Bylaws Committee is to recommend changes to these documents and the standing rules as necessary. This committee has three elected members, plus the ASDAL President and Treasurer as ex officio members. The committee chair shall update the Constitution, Bylaws, and Standing Rules as voted by the members at each conference. A current copy shall be available on the ASDAL web site.

Section 3. Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee shall consist of five members representing different institutions. Its purpose is to nominate the officers and committee members of the Association according to the provisions of the Bylaws, Article IV, Section 8.The nominating committee will send out the ballots.

Section 4. Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index Publication Board

The purpose of the Seventh-day Adventist Periodical Index Publication Board is to govern the SDA Periodical Index on behalf of the NAD Board of Higher Education and ASDAL in such matters as selection of editorial offices and editor, confirming the managing editor, editorial policy, budget and marketing. The Board has eight members:

Library Director of the host institution [ex officio] - serves as Chair
Managing editor (from the host institution) [ex officio] - serves as secretary
North American Division of SDA Vice President for Education [ex officio]
General Conference Archivist [ex officio]
Loma Linda University representative (appointed by LLU Library)
Three Library Directors elected by the ASDAL membership.

In order to provide wide representation and input, the three elected members shall be from institutions other than Andrews University or Loma Linda University. Other than the library director of the host institution and the managing editor, there shall not be more than one member from an institution. The board may invite the editor to its meetings.

The library director of the host institution serves as the chairperson. The managing editor shall serve as the secretary. The board chairperson or designee shall serve as a member of the search committee for the index editor. Meetings are held twice per year, a winter meeting and a summer meeting at the annual ASDAL conference. Those elected to this board should a) be a library director from a financially supporting institution; b) be an active member of ASDAL; and c) expect to be in a position to regularly attend the meetings of the board. The term of service on this board is five years, with one new member being elected when a term expires.

Section 5. Scholarship and Awards Committee

The purpose of the Scholarship and Awards Committee is to recommend recipients for any ASDAL scholarships and awards, particularly the D. Glenn Hilts Scholarship. This committee shall also attempt to raise funds to endow these scholarships and awards. This committee has three elected members, plus the ASDAL President and Treasurer as ex officio members.

Section 6. Statistics Committee

The purpose of the Statistics Committee is to review and update the ASDAL academic library statistics form. This committee has two elected members, who shall be elected to staggered three-year terms. The ASDAL Secretary, who collects the statistics, and the previous ASDAL Secretary are ex officio members.

Section 7. Site Planning Committee

The purpose of this committee is to recommend sites and dates for future ASDAL conferences. Recommendations will be presented to the conference members for approval or selection. The committee shall have three elected members with 3-year terms (staggered).

Section 8. Adventist Library Information Cooperative (ALICE)

The Adventist Library Information Cooperative (ALICE) is a consortium of SDA institutional libraries and functions as a service of ASDAL.

The purpose of ALICE is to provide member libraries with enhanced database access opportunities at reduced prices through collective efforts and resource sharing within the cooperative.

SDA institutional libraries which were signatories to the ALICE agreement on September 1, 1996, are inaugural members. Application for membership in ALICE may be made by other SDA institutional libraries. Approval is by ALICE Council. Member libraries are governed by the ALICE Agreement.

ALICE is governed by the Council composed of the directors or empowered representatives of member libraries. The Council elects its own chair.

A Fiscal Agent shall be appointed by the Council for a five-year term which is renewable.

The Secretary/Treasurer is appointed by the Council and shall be located at the institution acting as fiscal agent.

The Council shall appoint a Project Manager whose function it is to coordinate and implement projects, including negotiation with vendors. The Project Manager shall be appointed for a 2-year term.

The Council shall meet at least annually, normally in conjunction with the annual conference of ASDAL. A quorum of 2/3 of NAD members shall be necessary to transact business.

Section 9. Academic Rank and Tenure Committee

Provide resources and guidelines to assist ASDAL libraries in dealing with rank and promotion issues at their institution.[This came from the current committee DELETE??]

The purpose of the Academic Rank and Tenure Committee is to study and make recommendations concerning the status and evaluation of librarians in SDA institutions of higher education. [This came from the old Bylaw The Committee may also provide resources and guidelines to assist ASDAL libraries in dealing with promotion in rank and tenure issues their institution.


The committee will compile surveys of:
1. Rank and tenure policies at NAD institutions of higher education and
2. Other policies for academic librarians (such as scheduling, vacation, etc.)
These will be kept on file and the Job Referral Service will act as a clearing-house for the compiled information.
This committee has five members. [2005]

Section 10 Conference Planning Committee [2006]

The purpose of the Conference Planning Committee is to make arrangements for the annual conference; including local site planning, the theme and progam of the conference, and information on travel. The Committee may invite additional members as needed for special situations (such as international conferences).

Members: Site Planning Coordinator, President Elect, others?

Article VII. Chapters

Chapters of the Association may be formed to facilitate professional discussion and development in a local area or region. Members of these chapters shall be ASDAL members in good and regular standing. These chapters may elect such officers as may be deemed necessary and may elect to collect local dues. Chapters are encouraged to regularly send representatives to the annual conference.

Article VIII. Overseas Libraries Coordinator

The Executive Committee shall appoint a person to coordinate programs to assist Seventh-day Adventist libraries outside North America for a two-year term.

Article IX. Publicity Coordinator

The Publicity Coordinator is appointed by the Executive Committee for a two-year term, and shall be responsible for public relations, press releases and publicizing the meetings and services (scholarship, membership, etc.) of the Association. All publicity concerning the Association shall have the approval of the President.

Article X. Membership Coordinator

The Membership Coordinator is appointed by the Executive Committee for a two-year term, and shall work with the Treasurer and Publicity Coordinator in preparing and distributing materials to new and prospective members and shall formally recognize new members at the annual conference. The Membership Coordinator will contact the members that have allowed their membership to lapse and ask them to reconsider.

Article XI. Web Site Coordinator

The Web Site Coordinator is appointed by the Executive Committee for a two-year term and shall be responsible for the design and maintenance of the Association's web site.

Article XII. The Distance Education Coordinator

The Distance Education Coordinator is appointed by the Executive Committee, and shall:
- monitor developments in distance education library services and convey those of interest to ASDAL members
- monitor developments in distance education library services provided by ASDAL member libraries
- liaise with AVLL to ensure library support in online courses
- liaise with ADEC to ensure library support in online course offerings
- maintain DE website
- write or solicit articles for "From a Distance..." column for ASDAL Action

Article XIII, Listserv Manager

The listserv manager is appointed by the Executive Committee and manages the SDA-Librarian listserv.

Article XIV. Amendment of the Constitution or Bylaws

The Constitution may be amended or rescinded by two-thirds of those voting. The Bylaws may be amended or rescinded by a majority of those voting.

Article XV.. Parliamentary Authority

The rules contained in the current edition of Robert's Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the Association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not inconsistent with the Constitution and Bylaws and any special rules of order and standing rules the Association may adopt.


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