Connor Houston Sowder & Grace Oliviah Geatches
My first grandson was born April 7, 2004 at 4:23pm.(CDT)
He weighed 7 pounds and was 19 inches long.

My first granddaughter was born April 20, 2007 at 4:54 pm (EDT).
She weighed 7 pounds as was 22 inches long.

Connor Houston Sowder
Amy and Connor (19 hours old)
Amy and Connor (43 hours old)
Grandma Marilyn and Connor
Grandpa Steve and Connor
Aunt Melinda and Connor
Great Grandma Dorothy and Connor

On Thursday, April 29, Connor was 7 lbs 9 ounces and 21 inches long.

Connor on May 1, 2004 with his church outfit.


Connor During the Month of August, 2005.


Connor on a hobby horse made by his great-great-grandfather 35 years ago (September, 2005)

October, 2005

Oct 11, 2005 at Grandparents Sowder

Nov 14, 2005 at Mike and Amy's Apartment

Christmas 2005 at Grammes
Connor and Amy taken by Melinda
Connor and grandma Marilyn
Connor and Amy at table
Connor playing little shepherd boy

Visit at Mike and Amy's Jan 22, 2006
Visit on April 20, 2006
Amy and Connor
Connor and Marilyn (grandma)

Visit on July 2, 2006
Connor and granddad
Connor and grandma
Connor, Amy and Mike
Grandma, Connor and Amy

Connor and Mom - Let's think about that Visit on March 18, 2007

Mom and dad get married on March 29, 2007
Waiting to start
The gang - part 1
The gang - part 2
The gang - part 3
Connor with maternal grandparents
Listening carefully to the vows
with mom and dad
Family portrait
On the run with flowers
Mike signing to make it legal
Amy signing - is that a labor pain?
Taking pic of hand on bible - part 1
Taking pic of hand on bible - part 2
wearing grandpa's shoes

April 20, 2007 Grace Oliviah Geatches
Grace Oliviah Geatches
More Grace
Grace and Grandma Sowder
Grace and Grandpa and Grandma Geatches
The Geatches with Amy, Mike, Connor, and Grace

September 2, 2007
Gracie and Connor
Marilyn & Gracie
Connor, Marilyn and Gracie
Connor and Amy
Gracie and Melinda
Gracie and Melinda

Week of April 13, 2008
Connor, Gracie and others
Gracie and relatives
Connor impatiently waiting for his birthday cake
Connor, cake, and dad
Gracie really liked her cake
Gracie, dad and grandma Sowder
Connor and some of his bday gifts
Gracie and some of her gifts
Gracie from under the table at Golden Corral
Gracie, mom, and uncle Ryan
Gracie and mom
Gracie with uncle Ryan and aunt Angie

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