N5SDZ's FCC Callsign Lookup

This is a lookup on a portion of the FCC callsign database for amateur radio operators. The primary purpose of this page is demonstrate proof of concept for forms handling and the search engine.

This database contains only licenses of hams with a zip code that begin with a '4'.
Plus a few specific areas of the country.

Fill in as many fields as you like. The fields are not case sensitive. Each field may contain partials. This means, for example, that you may enter the first name in the name field.

All non-blank fields have an AND relationship with each other.


A search engine that covers the entire FCC database and is updated daily is located at the University of Arkansas.

The Buckmaster and QRZ are also an excellent resources.

Steve Sowder (N5SDZ) plays with this page.

September 14, 2011