Keeping Windows up to date

It is important to keep the Microsoft operating system up to date to aid in preventing a virus from entering your computer. Follow the steps below on a weekly basis to keep your computer up to date.

1. Start Internet Explorer on your system. NOT Netscape.

2. Go to the libraries home page.

3. At the bottom center you will find Windows Update in red. Click on it..

4. Click on "Scan for Updates". It will take a minute or two to scan and then tell you how many "Critical Updates" there are available. If there are no Critical Updates then you are done.

5. If you have critical updates they will be listed. There may also be a statement to the effect they you cannot do all of the updates together. If so delete the updates that need to run by themselves.

6. When you have updates that can run together (or only one update) click on "Review and Install".

7. Click on "Install".

8. If you are asked to restart your computer click on "OK" to restart.

9. Repeat Steps 4 - 9 until there are no critical updates.

10. Email or call either Joshua Baltazar (x3865) or Steve Sowder (x6242) and let one of us know that you have done the update and on which computer.

If you have problems or something happens that seems weird call one of us right away.

You should repeat this process (Steps 1-9) on any and all home computers you have that connect to the Internet.


Updated December 17, 2003