Daddy Cooking with Rachel 2006
Rachel Storie Born September 2nd 2006
Lindsey with Rachel 2006
Rachel 2006 , our newly Adopted Little girl
Lindsey 2003
Tamara 2003
Sam and Lindsey 2003
Melanie and Samuel 2003
Melanie (9), Lindsey (5), Samuel (3), David (7)
David 2003
Male Cousins 2002
Female Cousins 2002
Brothers, Samuel (2) and David (6)
Sisters, Melanie (8) and Lindsey (4)
Bee Storie
Gleason Storie
Tamara's Family, the Harvey clan
Dan's Sisters and Parents
Tamara and her brother Dan and sister Florinda
Tamara's Mom and Dad, cousin, sister, brother
Tamara's best friend Carole, who is like a Grandmother to our kids
Samuel, our new born baby brother
Dan's Dad Gleason, and our daughter Melanie
Dan's Mother Bee, and his sister Sherrie
Lindsey and her cousin Matthew
Melanie and her cousin Jonathan
Three Cousins
Dan's nephew Rob
Tamara's cousin Valerie and her husband Preston
Valerie and her daughter Michelle
Preston and his three sons Christian, Yeser, Josue
Our Niece's Michelle and Elizabeth with their Grandmother Mariam