INTRODUCTION, by Nathan Storie


These are the generations of the Storie family starting in England and moving to America.


Our family tree can be traced back to Robert Storie. He was born in 1590 in London,, England. His birth predates the King James Version of the English Bible.  Sometime in the 1600's Robert Storie the II, the son of Robert Storie, came to America. He was born on December 16, 1617, in London, England. He died on December 29, 1683, in New York. Enoch Storie,' son of Robert Storie the II was born on December 12, 1680, in New York.  He was the first Storie in our family tree to be born in America.  He was born almost one hundred years before the birth of our nation. Robert Storie, son of Enoch, was born in 1705.  He was a lieutenant in the Cecil County Militia.  He owned 575 acres in Storie meadows in Cecil Co., Maryland.


Joshua Storie was born in 1739 in Cecil Co. Maryland and died in 1833 in Fentress Co. Tennessee. He lived through the Revolutionary War and the War of 1812. He most likely found his way to Tennessee through the Cumberland Gap after Daniel Boone marked out the wilderness trail.  Joshua Storie the II was born in 1768 and died in 1850 in Fentress Co. Tennessee.  He also lived through both wars.  Joshua Storie the III, the son of Joshua Storie the II was born in 1807 and died in 1843.  He was the third generation to live in Fentress Co. Tennessee.  His son William Storie was born in 1833 and was killed in the Civil War.  He was buried at Annapolis, Maryland in 1864.  Louis Cast Storie was born on June 28, 1856, and died on April 20, 1926.  He was the fifth generation to live in Fentress County, Tennessee.  He bought a 500 acre track of land that is still in the family today.   Emanuel Storie was born in 1891, and died in 1981.  He and his wife Lillian Storie worked hard during the great depression to feed their four kids and she kept the farm in the Storie family by selling butter, eggs and vegetables to pay the taxes.


Gleason Storie was born on November 10, 1919.  He was the seventh and the last generation to live in Fentress County, Tennessee.  Gleason now lives in Xenia, Ohio. He inherited his 1/4 of the family farm.  In 1986 the federal government bought over one hundred acres of the farm that borders the Clear Fork River, this became part of the Big South Fork Park.  Dannie Storie son of Gleason Storie was born in 1966 in Dayton, Ohio.  David Storie son of Dannie Storie was born in 1995 he is the 12th generation of Stories in America.


The Storie family has a long line of tradition in their affiliation with the Baptist church. This can be traced back at lest 9 generations. The Stories have had a tradition of high morals and being hard workers.



The Generations of Storie Roots

Generation No.1

[Robert (1)]

ROBERT STORIE was born in 1590 in London England. He married SARAH


                Child of Robert and Sarah Storie are:


  • ROBERT STORIE (Number 2) b. December 16, 1617, in London England; d. December 29, 1683, New York



Generation No.2

[Robert (2), Robert (1)]

ROBERT STORIE (Number 2) was born December 16, 1617, in London England, and died December 29, 1683, New York. He married PATRICIA WILSON.

                Children of Robert and Patricia Storie are:


  • ENOCH STORIE b. December 12, 1680, in New York; d. December 17, 1723, Philadelphia PA
  • Marcy Storie, m. Richard Hill


Generation No.3

[Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

ENOCH STORIE was born December 12, 1680, in New York, and died December 17, 1723, Philadelphia PA. He married SARAH CARPENTER, b. 1685 in Philadelphia, PA., daughter of Joshua and Elizabeth Carpenter.

                Child of Enoch and Sarah Storie are:


  • ROBERT STORIE b. 1705, in Philadelphia PA; d. August 16, 1741 in Cecil Co. MD.


Generation No.4

[Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

ROBERT STORIE was born 1705, in Philadelphia PA and died August 16, 1741 in Cecil Co. MD. He Married MARY CUMMINGS, b. 1709 in Cecil Co., MD., d. 1749 Cecil Co., MD.


                Note: Robert was a Lt. in Cecil Co Militia 1740 He owned a lot of land including 575 acres in Storie Meadows.

                Children of Robert and Mary Storie are:


  • JOSHUA STORIE I, b. 1739, Cecil Co. MD; d. 1833, Evans Cem. Fentress Co. TN.
  • Enoch b. 1735, Cecil Co. MD; d. 1833, Fentress Co. TN.; m. Mary Annis, April 13,1758.
  • Thomas b. June 1739, Cecil Co. MD; m. Mary Pitman, June 15, 1785.
  • Marcey b. December 26, 1741, Cecil Co. MD

Generation No.5

[Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

JOSHUA STORIE I was born 1739, Cecil Co. MD and died in 1833 and buried in Evans Cemetery Fentess Co. TN. He Married MARGARET BRISCOE October 14, 1762 in St. George Parish Baltimore Co. MD. Daughter of Thomas and Ann Briscoe.

Notes: Places of residence was MD, VA, NC., TN. was a farmer Church affiliation was Baptist in Clearfork, KY. and Sinking Springs, TN.

                Children of Joshua and Margaret Storie are:

  • Jesse Storie, b. 1767, Virginia; d. Aft 1850, Wilkes Co. NC.; m. Frances Bradley, 1790, Wilkes Co. NC.
  • JOSHUA STORIE II, b. 1768, North Carolina Wilkes Co.; d. 1850-1860, Noah Storie Cem. Fentress Co. TN.
  • Thomas Storie, b. 1769, Virginia; d. 1798, Caldwell Co. NC.
  • Mary Storie, b. 1774, Rowan Co. NC.; m. William Sprowel.
  • James Storie, b. 1776, Rowan Co. NC.; d. 1837, Wilkes Co. NC.; m. Prudence Gammil, September 19, 1797.
  • Isaac Storie, b. 1777, Rowan Co. NC.; d. January 1860, Clinton Co. KY. Albany Cem.
  • Female Storie, b. 1778, Rowan Co. NC.; d. Before 1834, Monroe Co. KY.; m. William Sprowls.
  • Benjamin Storie, b. 1780, Rowan Co. NC.; d. 1833, Rowan Co. NC.; m. Nancy Hagler, March 05, 1806, Wilkes Co. NC.
  • Henry Storie, b. 1782, Rowan Co. NC.; d. 1840, Fentress Co. TN.; m. Holcome, June 27, 1811, Wilkes Co. NC.
  • Robert Storie, b. 1784, North Carolina Wilkes Co.; d. 1855, Fentress Co. TN.
  • Nancy Storie, m. Hunt.


Generation No.6

[Joshua (6), Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

JOSHUA STORIE II was born 1768 in North Carolina, Wilkes Co., and died 1855, buried in Noah Storie Cem. Fentress Co. TN. He married CATHERINE LEWIS July 31, 1795 in Wilkes Co. NC., daughter of James Lewis.

                Note: Catherine Storie, b. 1774 in Wilkes Co., NC. Burned to death in 1847 in Fentress Co., TN.


Children of Joshua Storie and Catherine Storie are:

  • Ruth Storie, b. 1796, Wilkes Co. NC.
  • Mary Polly Storie, b. 1797; m. Squire Thomas Angles, 1820.
  • James Storie, b. 1798, Wilkes Co. NC.; d. 1878, KY. ; m. Leah Young Margaret
  • Margaret (Peggy) Storie, b. 1799, Wilkes Co. NC.; d. TN.; m. Nathan Evans, 1820.
  • JOSHUA STORIE III, b. 1807, Wilkes Co. NC.; d. 1843, KY.
  • Noah W. Storie, b. 1809, KY.; d. 1879, White Co. TN.
  • Elijah Storie, b. 1812, TN.; d. 1829, TN.


Generation No.7

[Joshua (7), Joshua (6), Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

JOSHUA STORIE III was born 1807in Wilkes Co. NC., and died 1843 in KY. He married ELIZABETH REAGAN, b. 1805 in North Carolina, daughter of Peter Jr. and Nancy Cauthon.

Note: Peter Reagan Jr. was born in 1779 in North Carolina and died in 1854 in Fentress Co. TN; also Nancy Cauthon Reagan was born in 1779 in North Carolina and died in Fentress Co. TN.

Children of Joshua Storie and Elizabeth Storie are:

  • WILLIAM ALEXANDER STORIE, b. 1833, Fentress Co. TN.; d. 1864, Annapolis, Md.
  • Jeremiah Storie.
  • Lewis Storie, b. 1841, Fentress Co. TN.
  • Isaac Storie, b. 1843.


Generation No.8

[William Alexander(8), Joshua (7), Joshua (6), Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]


WILLIAM ALEXANDER STORIE was born 1833 in Fentress Co. TN., and died 1864 in Annapolis, Md. He married ANNA MULLINIX, b. Oct. 18, 1831, Fentress Co., TN., d. Dec. 29, 1912, Fentress Co. TN., daughter of Nathaniel Mullinix and Elizabeth Pritchard.


                Notes: Died during Civil War; 2nd Lt. II Cal. (PW Union)

                Miscellaneous Information: Anna gave the bell to her daughter Sarah Storie.


Mullinix Family Tree:

  • Robert Millnor b. aprox. 1650, England, Died aprox. 1679 in Sussex Co., DE married Rebecca Boston, b. aprox. 1650 Northampton Co., VA., daughter of Henry (aprox. 1620 – Sept. 24, 1676) and Ann Boston. Rebecca’s siblings included; Henry Boston, Isaac Boston, Anne Boston and Esau Boston

-               Robert and Rebecca Millnor had three children; John Mullinix, William Millnor and Mercy Milnor.

  • John Mulinex (aprox. 1675 – before 1709, Sussex Co., DE) married Penelope Anderson having four children; Mary Mullinix, Penelope Mullinix, John Mullinix and William W. Mullinix.
  • William W. Mullinix (aprox. 1705 – 1762, Sussex Co., DE) married Jean (Jane) Coverdale (aprox. 1730 – aprox. 1795, Sussex Co., DE), daughter of Richard (b. aprox. 1684, Bucks Co., PA – d. 1770, Sussex Co., DE) and Elizabeth Coverdale (d. aprox. 1777); Granddaughter of Thomas and Jane Coverdale.

-               William W. and Jane Mullinix had seven children; Jean Mullinix, Mary Mullinix, Roseanna Mullinix, Richard Mullenix, William Mullinix, John Mullinix and israel Mullinix.

  • Richard Mullinix, (b. aprox. 1745, Sussex Co., DE - d. after 1820 Fentress Co. TN) married Elizabeth Poynter. Moved from Delaware to Western NC, to Eastern TN, then to Barren.

-               Richard and Elizabeth Mullinix had five children; Eli Mullinix, Nathaniel Mullinix, William Mullinix, Levi Mullinix and Sallie

  • Eli Mullinix, b. aprox. 1779 in Northeastern TN, near Lick Creek; married Sarah Dykes from Northeastern TN, near Beech Creek, daughter of William Dykes and Sarah Haley.

-               Eli and Sarah Mullinix had seven children; Nathaniel Mullinix, Nina Mullinix, Polly Mullinix, Margaret Mullinix, Anna Mullinix, Elizabeth Mullinix and Isham Mullinix.

  • Nathaniel Mullinix, (b. aprox. 1800 ?NC – d. after 1880), married Elizabeth Pritchard and had eighteen children; Anna Mullinix, Sarah Mullinix, Isham Mullinix, William Mullinix, Eli Mullinix, Themes Mullinix, Celia Mullinix, Catherine C. Mullinix, Andrew Jackson Mullinix, Elizabeth Mullinix, Isaac Tindal Mullinix, Nancy Jane Mullinix, Nathaniel Mullinix, John Preston Mullinix, David Mullinix, Vine Mullinix, Abigail Mullinix and Marion Mullinix.
  • William Alexander Storie Married Anna Mullinix

Children of William Alexander Storie and Anna Storie are:

  • Joshua Raymond Storie, b. November 15, 1854, Fentress Co. TN.; d. May 10, 1940, Fentress Co. TN.
  • LOUIS CAST STORIE, b. June 28, 1856, Fentress Co. TN.; d. April 20, 1926, Fentress Co. TN;

                m. (1) Mary Olive Tompkins; b. 1859

                m. (2) Lavada Slagle Shoemaker, September 18, 1921.

  • Andrew Jackson Storie, b. October 22, 1858, Fentress Co. TN.; d. January 04, 1929, Fentress Co. TN.; m. Martha N. Greer.
  • Thomas Storie, b. 1861.
  • Sarah Elizabeth Storie, b. 1863 – d. Feb. 26, 1936 (buried in graveyard across street from Will Sewell’s store); m. William Alvis Sewell (1854 -1906) and had nine children.

Note: Location of A. J. STORIE CEMETERY FENTRESS CO, TN West on Hwy.58 from Jamestown, TN Established by Andrew J. Storie, son of William and Annie Storie



Generation No.9

[Louis Cast (9), William Alexander (8), Joshua (7), Joshua (6), Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

LOUIS CAST STORIE, b. June 28, 1856, Fentress Co. TN.; d. April 20, 1926, Fentress Co. TN.; m. (1) MARY OLIVE TOMPKINS, b. 1859; m. (2) Lavada Slagle Shoemaker, September 18, 1921.

                Children of Louis Cast and Mary Olive Storie are:


  • Becky Storie, b. 1876, Fentress Co. TN; m. Oliver Garrett
  • William E. Storie, b.1878
  • Alexander (Alec) Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN
  • Otis Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN
  • Alfonso Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN
  • EMMANUEL STORIE, b. Fentress Co. TN
  • Edward (Eddie) Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Offa Hamock
  • Rose Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. George Duncan
  • Carrie Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Thelbert Buck
  • Cora Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Link Garrett
  • Evelyn (Eva) Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Jessie Boggs
  • Cleopha Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Elma Jones Daughter of Jack Jones


Generation No.10

[Emanuel (10), Louis Cast (9), William Alexander (8), Joshua (7), Joshua (6), Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

EMMANUEL STORIE, b. 20 April 1890, Fentress Co. TN; d. Sept. 1980 Waynesville, OH; m. LILLIAN LOUDIN b. 1893? d. 197; (Daughter of Edward and Ferby Ann Loudin).


                                Children of Edward and Ferby Ann Loudin are:


    • Neilus Loudin
    • Perry Loudin (Family notes: 1 of Perry’s 7 children - son Delonis Harold (Red) Loudin m. Josephine Vitale aprox. 1938
    • Albert Loudin
    • Laura Loudin

                Children of Emanuel and Lillian Storie are:

  • Christine Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Ralph Pemberton
  • Imogene Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Willis Current
  • GLEASON STORIE, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. (Bee) Veda Vitale, August 25, 1946
  • Eugene Storie, b. Fentress Co. TN; m. Alberta Back, 1945


Generation No.11

[Gleason (11), Emanuel (10), Louis Cast (9), William Alexander (8), Joshua (7), Joshua (6), Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]


GLEASON STORIE, b. November 10, 1919 in Fentress Co TN; m. (BEE) VEDA ANTONETTE VITALE, August 25 1946. (Daughter of Aniello and Theresa Vitale.) Currently living in Xenia OH.

                Aniello Vitale, b. January 1, 1878 Cardito Naples, Italy d. in Dayton, Ohio June 1, 1960 and Theresa Pisa Vitale, b. in Florence, Italy 1880 - d. in Dayton, Ohio June 26, 1948.


                                Children of Aniello and Therese Vitale are:


  • Pauline Vitale, b. in Italy
  • Esther Vitale, b. in Italy
  • Antonette Vitale - died age 16 from a whole in her heart
  • Tony Vitale - died age 14 of spinal meningitis
  • Anna Vitale, b. in Dayton, Ohio
  • Josephine Vitale, b. 1917 in Dayton, Ohio - d. in 1988 in Kettering, Ohio; m. Delonis Harold (Red) Loudin aprox. 1938
  • Margaret Vitale, b. in Dayton, Ohio
  • Johnny Vitale, b. in Dayton, Ohio
  • VEDA ANTONETTE (Baby/Bee) VITALE, b. Sept. 26, 1923 in Dayton, Ohio.

                Note: Gleason moved to Ohio after leaving the Navy at the end of WWII. During The War he served on the Destroyer the U.S.S. Wadsworth seeing action in the Pacific Ocean invading the Solomon Is. and fighting in the battle of the Coral Sea. They took the N. Pacific Is. from the Japanese including the invasion of Iwo Jima. The crew received a Presidential Unit Citation for their service during the Okinawa invasion. When the Atomic Bombs were dropped he saw the Mushroom clouds from Okinawa where the ship was docked.


                Children of Gleason and Veda (Bee) Storie are:


  1. Sherrie Storie, b. in Dayton OH on November 18, 1947; (1) m. Daryl Taylor, (2) m. William (Bill) Anderson, Currently living in FL


  1. Connie Storie, b. in Dayton OH on September 25, 1949; (1) m. Martin Durkin, (2) m. (C.G.) Charles Marion, (3) m. Jerry Reynolds, Currently living in TN.

                Children of Martin and Connie Durkin are:


    1. Rob Durkin, b. January 17, 1971
    2. Amy Durkin, b. March 20, 1973; m. Scott Lewis, 1996, divorced 2000.

                                Children of Scott and Amy Lewis


      1. Aaron Lewis, b. 1996
      2. Allen Lewis, b. 1998
    1. Laura Durkin, b. September 9, 1979


Connie's Step-Daughters of Jerry Reynolds,

1. Amber Reynolds

2. Ada Reynolds

3. Esther Reynolds


C. Bonnie Storie, b. in Dayton OH on January 9, 1954; m. Tim Milligan, Currently living in FL.

                Children of Tim and Bonnie Milligan are:


    1. Timothy Milligan, b. September 9, 1977
    2. Amanda Milligan, b. September 16, 1982


D. Jeannie Storie, b. in Kettering, OH on January 10, 1960; m. (Rick) Bryant Elwood Ramsey Jr., Currently living in VA.

                                Children of Rick and Jeannie Ramsey


    1. Matthew Ramsey, b. September 20, 1988
    2. Mitchell Ramsey, b. December 13, 1990


E. DANNIE GLEASON STORIE, b. in Kettering, OH on May 19, 1966; m. Jan 1, 1993 to TAMARA LYNN HARVEY b. March 25, 1969; (Daughter of Daniel and Gwen Harvey).

                Daniel Cleveland Harvey b. June 20, 1948 (Son of Howard and Selma Reeves Harvey); m. 1968 to Gwendolyn Sue Raines b. Jan, 31, 1950.

Harvey / Raines Familiy Trees

    • Daniel Cleveland Harvey son of Howard Harvey b. 1920, Portland OR m. Selma Reeves 1945, divorced 1965, Selma (Reeves – Foster Family Name) Identical Twin Sister, Fedelma - Both Orphans at birth, as teenagers lived in foster care with Jesse and Daisy Harvey parents of Howard Harvey. Children of Jesse and Daisy Harvey: Howard, George, Floyd, Birdie, David, Delta, Arnie, Dwane, Earl; Children of Howard and Selma Harvey, Dove Harvey b.1947, Daniel Harvey b. 1948, (step brother, Harland Howard.)

Note: Twin Orphans Selma and Fedelma lived in foster care with the Jesse Harvey Family and future husband Howard. Daughters of Ben and Ann Hebert.

    • Gwendoline Sue Raines daughter of Frank Raines m. Mary Francis Crowenover 1947, Divorced 1951, Mary Francis Crowenover Raines, died 1996; daughter of Vastie Flora Brock Crowenover, died 1987 m. John Riely Crowenover, died 1978; Children of Mary and Frank Raines: Mary Alice, Gwendoline Sue, Frank Jr. and Ray Dean.

                Note: Children Mary Alice, Gwendoline Sue, Frank Jr. removed from parental custody for neglect, sent to live with Grandmother, Vastie Flora Brock Crowenover.

                Children of Daniel and Gwen Harvey are:


      1. TAMARA LYNN HARVEY b. in Oklahoma, 1969; m. DANNIE STORIE Jan. 1, 1993.

                                                Children of Dannie and Tamara Storie are:


a.        Melanie Elaine Storie, b. September 27,1993

b.       DAVID LINCOLN ASPEN STORIE, b. December 31, 1995

c.        Lindsey Danielle Storie, b. September 26, 1997


      1. Daniel Cleveland Harvey Jr. b. in Oklahoma, July 23, 1970.; (1) m. Joy, (2) m. Kathy


Dan's Step-Sons of Kathy, (1) Justin and (2) Raymond

Children of Daniel and Kathy Harvey

a. Mackalya Harvey, b. January 13, 2001

b. Daniel Harvey III, Sept. 2002

B. Florinda Mae Harvey b. in Oklahoma, Oct. 26, 1971; m. Paul Guevarda 1991. Paul, b. July 19, ?, in Nicaragua.

                Children of Florinda and Paul Guevarda are:

a.        Jonathan Paul Guevarda, b. June 10, 1993

b.       Matthew Guevarda, b. Oct. 11, 1997

c.        Carla Vanessa, b. Oct. 23, 2001


C. Valerie Barlow-Harvey, b. Dec. 3, 1965 (Niece of Daniel Harvey given guardianship 1980); m. Preston Monterey in 1985. Preston, b. May 11, 1962, in Managua Nicaragua

                Children of Valerie and Preston Monterey are:

a.        Michelle Monterey, b. in Walla Walla WA,March 2, 1987

b.       Elizabeth Monterey, b. in Eatonville WA, July 20, 1989

c.        Josue Preston Monterey, b. Eatonville WA, July 13, 1993

d.       Christian Monterey, b. Eatonville WA, June 19, 1994

e.        Yeser Monterey, b. Eatonville WA, August 3, 1997    

Note: Valerie Barlow-Harvey (Daughter of Dove, niece of Daniel Harvey) given guardianship to Daniel and Gwen Harvey in 1980.



Generation No.11

[Eugene (11), Emanuel (10), Louis Cast (9), William Alexander (8), Joshua (7), Joshua (6), Joshua (5), Robert (4), Enoch (3), Robert (2), Robert (1)]

EUGENE STORIE, b. 1923 in Fentress Co. TN; m. ALBERTA BACK in 1945

                Children of Eugene and Alberta Storie are:


  1. Linda Kay Storie, b. 1948, d. 1986(?); m. Ronnie Wilson


                Children of Ronnie and Linda Kay Wilson are:


    1. David
    2. Tanya
    3. Chrissy



                Children of Larry and Cindy Storie are: