Rodney L. Summerscales

Assistant professor

Department of Computing

Office: Haughey Hall 308

Email: summersc AT andrews DOT edu

Curriculum Vitae

Research interests

I am interested in applications of natural language processing and machine learning.

My current research is concerned with automatically extracting experimental results from scientific publications for the purpose of summarization.


PhD, Computer Science, Illinois Institute of Technology, 2013

MS, Computer Science and Engineering, Pennsylvania State University, 2005

BS, Computer Science, Andrews University, 1999

Courses Taught

CPTR 125: Computer programming with Matlab

CPTR 252: Application development II (Mobile dev)

CPTR 276: Data structures and algorithms

CPTR 425: Programming Languages

CPTR 430: Analysis of algorithms

CPTR 435: Machine Learning

CPTR 436: Numerical Methods and analysis

CPTR 437: Formal Theory of Computing

CPTR 487: Artificial Intelligence

CPTR 475: Topics in Game Design

CPTR 475: Topics in Virtual Reality


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R.L. Summerscales, S. Argamon, S. Bai, J. Hupert, and A. Schwartz. Automatic summarization of results from clinical trials. In Proceedings of the 2011 IEEE International Conference on Bioinformatics and Biomedicine (BIBM 2011), 2011. [BibTex] [pdf]

R.L. Summerscales, S. Argamon, J. Hupert, A. Schwartz. Identifying Treatments, Groups, and Outcomes in Medical Abstracts. The Sixth Midwest Computational Linguistics Colloquium (MCLC 2009), 2009. [BibTex] [pdf]

R.L. Summerscales. Three-Dimensional Texture Classification using the Discrete Cosine Transform. M.S. Thesis, Pennsylvania State University, 2005. [BibTex] [pdf]

G.W. Burdick, R.D. Robertson, R.L. Summerscales. Electric-Dipole 4fN-4fN transition intensity parametrizations for lanthanides: an examination of local minima. Journal of Alloys & Compounds. v323-324, July 2001:778-782.

G.W. Burdick, R.L. Summerscales, S.M. Crooks, M.F. Reid, F.S. Richardson. Electric-Dipole 4fN-4fN transition intensity parametrizations for lanthanides: multiple indistinguishable parameter sets and multiple local minima. Journal of Alloys & Compounds. v303, May 2000:376-382.

J. Wolfer, S.H. Lee, J. Sandelski, R. Summerscales, J. Soble, J. Roberge. Endocardial Border detection in contrast enhanced echocardiographic cineloops using a pulse coupled neural network. 1999 Computers in Cardiology. 26:185-188.


I am married to Tiffany Summerscales, who is a professor in the Physics department at Andrews University. When I have time, I like to mountain bike, hike, or kayak.