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29, 2004

Mr. Psych Ologist

123 Sesame Street

Imaginary Town, Non-Existent State, 00000


Dear Mr. Psych Ologist,


            I am sending my resume to you so that you will consider me for employment.  I have heard you are in need of a personal psychologist on Sesame Street.  I would be happy to help.


            I went to school at Harvard and graduated as top of my class.  I also worked previously at The National Institute for the Mentally Deranged.


            Some of my qualifications are:


High Grades

Good People Skills

Good Muppet Skills

Able To Make Believe

Can Sing Theme Song Well

Skilled At Personal Treatments


            I hope you will consider me for employment but I would like some more information about your current job opening.  Please send me some specifics.  Thank you and have a good day.






Theron Calkins