Management Styles / Corporate Culture

  • organizations secondary to individual fulfillment
  • existence precedes organization
  • aim at self-expression and self-fulfillment
  • personal and egalitarian
  • minimal structure; minimal hierarchy
  • emotional commitment
  • creative, innovative



Guided Missile
  • highly Egalitarian
  • task-oriented, impersonal
  • team approach emphasized
  • cross-disciplinary
  • performance emphasized
  • loyalty to professions / project greater than to company
  • Motivation intrinsic

(USA, UK, Canada) 
  • personal, close face-to-face relationship
  • hierarchal ("father knows best")
  • power-oriented (leader is fatherly figure)
  • home-like work atmosphere
  • long-term relationships of employee to company; high loyalty
  • values, norms, atmosphere set by father" or "elder brother" 

(Japan, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Italy, India) 
Eiffel Tower
  • hierarchal
  • structure more important than function
  • leader is boss (not father)
  • relationships specific; status ascribed
  • highly bureaucratic, depersonalized
  • rules dominate; roles before people
  • careers depend upon professional qualifications
  • symbolic of machine age

(Germany, Austria)

BSAD 560 Intercultural Business Relations