Multiculturalism / Diversity *

        GRADES: 4 - 8

      Indigenous Peoples - Grades 6 - 10

      • with this site, students examine the cultures of five indigenous
          the Maya of Guatemala
          the Amazon tribes
          the Maori of New Zealand
          the Navajo, and
          the Saami of Scandinavia
        each section has an overview, a focus topic, and an activity,
        such as holding and publicizing an Indigenous People Day
        (August 9) event
        making a family tree, taking part in a role-play debate
        hosting an art exhibition, or
        networking with a groups that fight agains racism and intolerance
        activities will spark thought, discussion, and interest in these
        rich cultures

        teacher will benefit from a browse through the Cyberschoolbus
        curriculum page at
        on the top right

      WorldWiseSchools - Grades 7 and up

        GRADES: 9 - 12

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        * selected from School Library Journal March 2005 - p 73

Wolfhard Touchard, M. L. S. Retired Reference & Database Librarian
Andrews University - July 2008