• this comprehensive site is searchable by keyword
      • covers 45 topics, which include political advertising, propaganda,
        and product placement
      • "Celebrities in Ads" features teaching ideas as well as images
        that you can print for classroom use
      • for the latest news on media literacy, subscribe to the Media-L
        discussion group

      • if you are new to the topic this site is for you
      • of special interest are the 250 online articles from the journal Media
        & Values
        , searchable by keyword or topic
      • don't miss the "Educational References" and "How to Teach Literacy"
        for tons of inspirational classroom ideas

      • visit the "Resource Links" section to access hundreds of sites
        containing lesson plans, curriculum standards, and online journals
      • there are links to special media literacy topics and related organizations
      • "Online Readings" features articles on how media relates to child
        development and health issues
      • don't miss the bibliography "Understanding Media Literacy" in the
        "Online Readings" section

        * Source: School Library Journal   February, 2004, page 32