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        M E G A   M U S I C   R E S O U R C E S

    Mega Music Resources - 8 links

    Lift Up Your Hearts: "Church Music and the Arts"
        'The Music/Arts section of Lift Up Your Hearts has many       excellent links to music resources.
        Compiled by the Lutheran Church in Canada.
        Go to Section 7 - "Music & Kinetic Arts Links"'

    Resources for Church Musicans
        Compiled by Dr. Rodney Murrow, this is a good basic site     for links to everything from music supplies and handbells     to publishers and tax laws.

    St.John's "Liturgical Studies and Liturgical Music"
        'Sponsored by St. John's Seminary (MN).
        This page is divided into Liturgical Studies links,
        followed by Liturgical Music links.
        Scroll down for the latter.'

    Wabash Center's Internet Resources: "Religion and Music"
        'A large web of links on music.
        *Scroll down the page to see full listing!*
        The main page is an exceptional Web of links organized by
        theological or by content area.'

    Anglican Online: "Music Resources"
        'A well-organized Web page of links to a variety of musical

    Worship magazine online
        'Four times a year, the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America
        publishes Worship.
        This 6-page resource provides worship helps and information
        about new worship resources.
        Copies of articles from the 1996-2000 issues are available online.
        Timely articles include:
            March 2000: Role of music w/in the worship life of the
            Jan. 1997: Music/worship for Holy Week.
            Sept. 1997: Worship Planning issue including a planning

    "How Can I Create Simple Liturgical Music [for free]?" (article)
        'Scott Widler (Associate Director, Worship and Music Division for     Congregational Ministries, ELCA) has written a very practical
        musical roadmap for creating liturgical music."

    Theology Library: Music
        'Good set of predominantly, though not exclusively,
        Catholic liturgy and music resources.'

            O N L I N E   H Y M N A L S

    Online Hymnals - an excellent link to 16 hymnals

      annotation follows this format: Link:

  • HYMNAL: "Cyber Hymnal" is a multi-denominational Web site with approximately 3200 hymns       
  • Available: various types of indexes, audio, full texts, background information on
            hymn text and tune, information on composer and text author, alterante tune
            listings (with info links), downloadable score (needs requisite software on hard
            drive to read score).
            Not Available: score
            Note: Lots of usable information and links. Indexes by title, topic, name, meter,
            usage suggestions (including downloading hymns to the church's Web site for
            congregational learning during the week)

            H Y M N S   a n d   T H E I R   B A C K G R O U N D

    Hymns and Their Resources - 5 links

    Hymn Background Stories

        historical background on texts and tunes of selected hymns

    Hymns & Info = contains scores, midi files
        biographies of composers and other links

    Dictionary of American Hymnology
        'The Dictionary of American Hymnology Project, with the support of the Oberlin
        College Library and the Hymn Society in the U.S. and Canada,
        provides data related to hymns and hymnwriters as well as the history of
        congregational song in America

    Hymnody in American Protestantism

            C O M P O S E R S

    Composers - 6 links

    Bliss, P.P.   |   Carter, Sydney   |   Crosby, Fanny   |   Gerhardt, Paul   |   Green, Fred Pratt
    Lehman, Bradley

            H I S T O R Y   of   H Y M N O D Y,   etc.

    History of Hymnody, etc. - 8 links

    Catholic Hymnody in America
        MM thesis in church music on "Catholic Hymnody in America: 1965-1995"

    Catholic Music and Liturgy Resources - 'an odd assortment of music resources'

    Chant - 'The main chant Web site'

    Chant - explains how to read chant notation.
        Lots of small notes (gif files) to load

    Coptic Hymns - Christian Coptic Orthodox Church Music Web site

    Hymnsys - computerized hymnal software with database of hymns
    manipulate key, tempo etc. and save as MIDI file for playback

    Project Wittenberg (Lutheran)
        a collection of selected Lutheran hymn texts via Project Wittenberg

    Swedish - American Songbooks
        a lecture/article entitled "Swedish American Spiritual Songbooks and Their Origins"

            P S A L M O D Y

    Sing Psalms Metrical Psalms Page
        'United Methodist pastor Dale A. Schoening provides contemporary metrical settings
        of the Psalms which can be set to familiar hymn tunes and used in your worship

    ATLA Hymnody & Psalmody Site
        this Hymnody & Psalmody web site is being developed by members of the American
        Theological Library Association as a resource for collection development, research,
        and teaching

    Exclusive Psalmody Homepage

    Music for the Church of God: Psalms
        amongst other resources, this site contains the entire book of Psalms in several
        metrical versions including: 1562 Sternhold & Hopkins, 1650 Scottish Psalter, and
        1999 Psalter for Christian Worship (complete with audio files!) by Michael Morgan
        see also the "What is Meter?" section

        C H O R A L   R E S O U R C E S

    Choral Resources - 5 links

        'This is the most comprehensive site for choral musicians on the internet.
        From listserves to choir pages, repertoire to publishers, if it has to do with
        choral music, you'll find it on this site.'

    Sibelius Academy: Church Music
        'This page is a subset of the larger main music Web site hosted by this famed music
        Included are many choral links.'

    Multi-Cultural Choral
        an ongoing choral resource for international and multi-ethnic sacred and secular
        choral music

    Multi-Cultural: Music & Worship - go to the multicultural of TheoTech

    Copyright - go to the copyright page of TheoTech

        N O T A T I O N   P R O G R A M S

    Notation Programs - 4 links

    Finale (Mac/PC)
        'Finale is one of the first and most comprehensive music notation software programs
        on the market.
        In addition to Finale, Coda Music also offers more streamlined notation programs.
        Note: special pricing for education and church music.
        A scaled-down "NotePad" version is free.'

    Sibelius (Mac/PC)
        'Sibelius is one of the most popular music notation programs for Mac/ Windows.
        It helps you write, play, scan, edit and print scores, and even publish them on the
        You can download a free demo version of Sibelius online .
        The companion software "Scorch" is the free companion software for viewing,
        playing and printing scores online.
        Note: special pricing for education and church music.'

    NoteWorthy Composer (PC)
        'NoteWorthy Composer is a software music composition and notation processor for
        It allows you to create, record, edit, print, and play back your own musical scores.'

    Nightengale Music Notation Software (Mac)
        'Respectable notation program for Mac.
        "Light" version available free.'

        M U S I C   O R G A N I Z A T I O N S   &   G U I L D S

      Music Organizations & Guilds - 12 links

      ACCC - Association of Canadian Choral Conductors
      ACDA - American Choral Directors Association
      AGEHR - American Guild of English Handbell Ringers
      AGO - American Guild of Organists
      ALCM - Associantion of Lutheran Church Musicians
      Black Gospel Music
      FUMA - Fellowship of United Methodists in Music and Worship Arts
      GMWA - Gospel Music Workshop of America
      IFCM - International Federation of Choral Music
      NAPM - National Association of Pastoral Musicians (Catholic)
      PAM - Presbyterian Association of Musicians
      RCCO - Royal Canadian College of Organists
      "Associations, Guilds and Societies" from Lift Up Your Hearts Web site