Books by Dr. Winston Craig

"Nutrition & Wellness: A Vegetarian Way to Better Health" covers 2 dozen nutrition topics from a vegetarian perspective.  1060 references; 352 pages.

"The Use and Safety of Common Herbs and Herbal Teas" , 2nd edition reports on over 100 herbal products. 170 references ; 75 pages.

"Comer Para Una Buena Salud" is the Spanish translation of the book "Eating for Good Health".  13 chapters; 119 pages.

"Eating for Good Health". is a discussion of how a low-fat vegetarian diet can lower the risk of chronic diseases such as heart disease, cancer, hypertension, diabetes, and osteoporosis. Also discussed are current issues such as food safety, obesity, a vegetarian diet for pregnancy and the use of herbs and vitamin supplements. 95 pages.

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Nutrition and Wellness
Published in 1999. $19.95

Nutrition and Wellness

The Use and Safety of Common Herbs and Herbal Teas, 2nd edition.
Published in 1996. $8.95
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Comer Para Una Buena Salud,
Published in 1997. $9.95
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Eating for Good Health,
Published in 1993. $9.95
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