Additional Resources on Hedy Lamarr

Hommage à Hedy Lamarr
The best Hedy Lamarr site on the web. This comprehensive, bilingual site contains many links, side notes, pictures, and two movie clips.

The Hedy Lamarr Page
A substanstial, homemade Hedy Lamarr fan website containing a biography, pictures, sound clips, and Hedy Lamarr memborabila collector information.

Hedy Lamarr Picture Gallary
A collection of photos of Hedy Lamarr throughout her Hollywood career.

Secret Communications System
A webpage about the patent Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil recieved for their frequency hopping torpedoe control system.

The Birth of Spread Spectrum
An article in MicroTimes about Hedy Lamarr and George Antheil and how they created spread spectrum communications.

Electronic Freedom Foundation's 1997 Pioneer Award
The press release about Hedy Lamarr receiving a Pioneer Award for her contribution to spread spectrum technology.

Beauty and the Brain
A well written article in Austria Kultur about Hedy Lamarr's life.

Glanz und Scharfsinn
Eine Artikel in Spiegel Ÿber das ihre Leben, die erschien als sie die EFF Pioneer Award erhalten hat.

Lamarr, Hedy, Ecstasy and me: my life as a woman, Bartholomew House, 1966.
A ghost-written, Hollywood gossip autobiography of Hedy Lamarr that she later disavowed.