CPTR151 Computer Science I

- Video Lectures

Note these videos are drafts, a little rough, needing more polish, but are meant to be helpful

Just for fun

How Computers Work 1
How Computers Work 2


Helloworld 1
Helloworld 2
Formatting 1
Formatting 2
cin 1
cin 2
Variable Names 1
Variable Names 2
Constant Variables
Arithmatic Operators
Data Type Double
Presidence CMATH Library

Random Numbers

Seeding Rondom Numbers 1
Seeding Rondom Numbers 2
Random Numbers with Modulus "%"

Math Library

MathLibrary with Area Circle
More cmath Library

Conditional Statements (if)

if 1
if 2
if-else 1
if-else 2
if-else divide-by-zero
if-else 3
if-else nested
if-else Or "||" operator
Logical Operator And "&&" Or "||"
Swithch-Case Statement
Nested if-else Loan_Evaluation example
if-elseif-else Grade_Evaluator example
And "&&" operator
Menu using if conditional statement
Switch Case Contidional statement

While Loop

While Loop 1
While Loop 2
While Loop Continue untile user is finished
While Loop Square Table example

For Loop

For Loop 1
For Loop 2
For Loop VS While Loop
Nested For Loop
While Loop Validation of Input
Acumularot Variable Using While Loop
For Loop Totalling Sales example 1
For Loop Totalling Sales example 2


Functions "Declare-DaCall-Define"

Passing Value to Function
Return Type from a Function
Passing-to / Returning-From Function


Array Declare and Populate 1
Array Declare and Populate 2
Array Declare and Populate 3
Passing Array to Function "Referancing"
Array Passing to Function, Manipulation Double Values
Array High-Low-Average-Total

after midterm

2D-Array Create&Display - Report for extra credit Article
2D-Array Row - Total/High/Low/Average - Report for extra credit Article
2D-Array Columns High-Low-Average-Total - Report for extra credit Articles
Parallel Array - Report for extra credit Article
Array Sequential Search
Array Bubble Sort
Array Binary Search
Do While Loop

File Write-Read

File:Write Names of Composers to File
File:Write User Inpoout to file
File:Wtrite Under Imput Strings
File:Read User Input Strings
File:Wrtie Sales Using For-Loop
File:Read Determine If File Exist
File:Write Array to File - Read File Populate Array
Constant Variables


Recursion Steps
Recursion Factorial
Recursion Binary-Search


Structures - Payroll Example
Structures - Circle Example
Structures - Write & Read Arrays of Structures


Address & (pointer and addresses)
Pointer * and Addresses &
Pointer * And Addresses & II
Pointer * and addresses & III
Pointer * and addresses & IIII