CPTR152 Computer Science II MWR 11:30-12:20 3cr

Course Description:
A continuation of CPTR151 examines program specifications, design, coding, correctness, and style with additional coverage of pointers and arrays, and an in-depth study of recursion and data structures. Includes files, lists, stacks, queues, trees, graphs, and an overview of computer ethics. Prerequisite: CPTR151. Spring
1) Introduction to JAVA programming; &.Daniel Liang. Pearson-Prentice Hall Pub. Course Objectives
Mission statement & Program Objectives: We aspire to be a place of choice for engineering and computer science education where dedicated students and faculty grow together to reach their god-given potential for service to society and the church. We embrace a thoughtful respect for diversity of viewpoints; a caring stewardship for our God-given home, a marked excellence in our chosen vocations and a profound faith in the leadership of God in our lives. We commit ourselves to the creation of a nurturing environment where all students wiling to work diligently will succeed.

The Andrews University Computing Program prepares its graduates to be:
1) Globally, environmentally, and socially responsible computing professionals and scholars who are professionally equipped to solve diverse problems and change the world

2) Computing professionals and scholars who are an integral part of the intellectual conversation of the Seventh-day Adventist Church and who actively contribute to its world-wide mission.

Student Outcomes expected level of attainment:

e. Understand Professional Issues and Responsibilities - articles
g. Analyze the Local and Global Impact - article
i. Use Modern Technology - compilers
k. Apply Design and Development Principles - Home Work & Exams

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