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Take control with ADD+ON™

Now there is a software system designed for the way you do business: ADD+ON. It's flexible enough to adapt to your needs. A fully integrated system, ADD+ON modules are designed to keep you in control of all your financial, manufacturing and distribution resources.

Easy to implement and use, ADD+ON offers other benefits, too: We will help you implement and, if you wish, customize your system. Because source code is included with all ADD+ON Software applications, customizing and adding modifications is simple, straightforward.

ADD+ON Advantage Systems for Accounting, Manufacturing and Distribution

ADD+ON General Accounting



Special Function Applications

 ADD+ON Manufacturing System: Take control as you cut costs

No matter what your manufacturing environment - whether repetitive, make-to-order, engineer-to-order or mixed mode the flexibility of ADD+ON Software makes it an ideal solution. Manufacturers in a variety of environments have chosen ADD+ON for superior performance, ease of use and best long-term value.

Take control of your shop floor

ADD+ON features help you maximize control, minimize costs with streamlined scheduling, work-in-process and exception reporting in the Shop Floor Control module. Easily calculate material, labor and overhead costs with Bill of Materials. Accurately identify, implement and track engineering change orders.

Develop strategic, long-range manufacturing plans with MRP: your ultimate planning tool. Manage purchasing, fabrication, assembly and manpower requirements. You can easily identify which items should be purchased or produced and the resources you'll require.

Combine all the feature-rich manufacuring modules with ADD+ON Order/Invoice Processing, Inventory Control, Purchasing and Sales Analysis for a complete, front-to-back manufacturing solution.

ADD+ON Distribution System: Take Control as you improve customer service :

Improve customer service and increase sales with the ADD+ON Distribution System. To give your customers what they want the right amount of product at exactly the right time you need efficient order processing, timely shipping and 100 percent fill rates. ADD+ON Software helps make it happen.

Control every aspect of the distribution cycle with ease and accuracy, beginning with streamlined, customer-focused order entry and invoicing, Maintain complete control of inventory levels and movement with automatic replenishment and cycle counts. Track and analyze vendor performance with complete purchase history.

Easy-to-use features increase control, efficiency

Locate every item you stock easily, quickly. Easy-to-use lookups speed order and invoice entry, provide customers with the convenience of on-the-spot answers. Do you stock serialized or lotted inventory items? The ADD+ON Inventory Control module offers full capabilities to enter, track, store and report serial- or lot-numbered items.

Reduce asset investment and optimize product availability with automatically calculated safety stock, EOQ and order points for each inventory item. Assign items to multiple warehouses. Quickly move inventory between locations with an easy-to-use transfer system.

Facilitate on-time shipping with SpeedShip, the ADD+ON automated shipping manifest module. SpeedShip helps you save time and labor costs, lets you invoice faster. Accurate performance saves freight costs, too.

 ADD+ON General Business System: Take control as you integrate financial information

Integrate ADD+ON General Business Software with your ADD+ON manufacturing/distribution modules or use as a stand-alone system. Either way, you'll experience the benefits of ultimate control with a powerful system that easily adapts to the way you do business.

Control, flexibility and in-depth reporting

General Ledger smoothly integrates with all other ADD+ON applications for automatic posting of general ledger transactions. A detailed audit trail isolates the transaction you need.

Generate in-depth financial reports any time of the month; historical and current information is always up to date. Review three years of balance information: last year, this year and next year. A flexible budget revision process allows you to try a variety of budget scenarios and analyze the projected results.

Improve customer service and simplify credit management with help from ADD+ON Software. You can use the SpeedSearch feature for quick answers to customer questions about account balances, payment history, inventory availability, order status, shipped orders, pricing and credit information.

ADD+ON adapts to the way you do business

Combine ADD+ON modules to fit your needs. Because the software looks and "feels" the same from module to module, your staff will find it easy to learn a new application. Whether your network of users is large or small, ADD+ON provides tools that help you work smarter, more efficiently.

Flexibility is built in. Feature settings, for instance, are optional. ADD+ON lets you selectively activate certain software features within each module -- you define the parameters to fit your needs.

 SpeedSearch is a powerful inquiry tool -- and more. We call it "interruptable software." With SpeedSearch, you can quickly find answers to questions about customer orders, invoices, purchase orders inventory balances and more, without leaving the program and screen you're working on. SpeedSearch drills down to provide instant answers for timely and responsive customer service. No more keeping the customer on hold while you tediously search files.

Any system generates data, but the ADD+ON Report Writer supplies you with the information you need to be able to combine and analyze key information to truly gain control of your operations. With ADD+ON Report Writer you'll easily write and run your own comprehensive reports. Use them once to resolve a specific question or connect them to a menu for long-term reporting. Classify and analyze ADD+ON information in almost unlimited ways.

Take control of your budget

An outstanding price/performance ratio makes ADD+ON Software the affordable alternative to most manufacturing software solutions available today. ADD+ON Software supplies the features you need at less than half the cost of competitive systems.

But that's just the beginning. ADD+ON Software will continue to help you trim operating budgets and maximize profits through reduced inventory, more efficient scheduling, accurate costing and resource planning.

A Competitive Advantage: ADD+ON Support and Service

We know that selecting a software system is one of the most difficult business decisions you'll make. But once you take a look at ADD+ON, we're confident you'll see that ADD+ON systems have the features, the flexibility and the power you need to help your business grow and become more profitable. We also know you'll appreciate the great price/performance ratio.

What we'd like you to know is that every member of the ADD+ON family is committed to your success. Your ADD+ON reseller has implemented many systems for businesses like yours and knows the software inside and out. ADD+ON developers and technicians are also standing by with a wealth of experienced technical and application support.

When you choose ADD+ON software, you're joining a comprehensive family of business software products from Open Systems Holdings Corp. The Open Systems team has provided innovative, high-quality software solutions to more than 260,000 clients since 1976.

You can rely on our world-class product development, support and training to help you take control ... all the way up to your bottom line.

Flexible open systems architecture

ADD+ON Software is available for a wide range of computers and users running UNIX™, AIX, XENIX, MS-DOS, Novell networks, Windows™ and other operating systems. No matter what operating environment you choose, software function and appearance remain the same.

If your business is growing, you'll be glad to know you won't outgrow your flexible ADD+ON Software. You simply add more workstations, more users. If you should outgrow your hardware or move to another platform, your programs and data files are completely portable.

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