Kristen Lea

Wedding Package

$500 is the base fee for any wedding package. This includes pictures of bride, groom, the couple, the wedding party, family, ceremony, and reception shots. All touch-ups are included. A CD of the all master images will be included in the package. Extra shots and extra travel are not included in the base fee.

Senior Packages

$150 per day. Travel may be extra depending on location. Most shots will be on location and outdoors, but indoor shots can be arrranged. All shoots are individualized to fit your personality and budget. Posing and editing is included, and individual input is encouraged. All prices are subject to change, and cancellations or bookings should be made at least one week in advance.


All photos can be fixed, changed and edited to fit your personal needs. Black and White, Sepia, fading, touch-ups, cropping, background changes, and framing are all included. This is about you, so individual input is welcome. From pose to print, your images will represent your personality or event. KLea Photography DOES NOT supply prints. A CD of your masters will be sent directly to you, but no prints will be included in cost or packages.