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hey African!! i miss seeing your face around..hope everything is going well up there or down there....

Hai! I be has commentz on ur pagez. Yah, so when you seez moviez?
- Mr. Asian Dude

hi, i like your site very much this site is much better though :)
- loopcoop

Yo, this isn't bad at all!
- Sid The Kid

OMG CHRIS GREENLEY OMG HI. I love the "I don't believe in God, but I'm afraid of Him" quote. dunno why, it's just cool. :P
- Goodwinizzle

GREENLY! What is up w/ the quotes about God that way!?! I don't care if you think it's funny or not. Some people feel very strongly about God, and would appreciate it if you would quite using him in these negative contexts. Please Dude!
- Concerended Friend

I am fully open to debating my position and beliefs and even changing them but if you wish to have an impact you must provide a venue through which discussion can take place, anonymity is not such a venue.
- Chris

You are so adorkable... The sight looks better than the lime green and black one. MUCH BETTER actually. I like it. Miss you.
- <3

hey, i like it. and i wish you much luck with the class of 2012....i've skipped to the class of 2011....but that's cause i've switched schools and majors. lol.
- the "crazy one"

nice job. still slightly boring, but quite nice.
- Anonmyous

- Your Worst Nightnare

Woot! You has dynamix web p4g3z! Congrats!
- SigmaX

very nice Chris! It is very clean and professional. ;-) the artist in me likes it very much! :-D
P.S. I love your quotes :-P
- Emily Adams aka ninja

yay!! an app. dude! simple, clean, basic... yet so usable. well done.
- Gregory Church

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