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Zoom: for Faculty in-class to online transition
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Dear Faculty,

Here are some details about Zoom accounts that you'll find helpful:
Basic Accounts

Anyone with an Andrews email can sign up for a basic account at Use your Andrews email.
This level account can have 100 participants in a call; and is limited to 40 minutes.
This level can get you started, but you probably will need more for teaching.

Departments Without Zoom Pro
If your department has never used Zoom, we can provide one Pro account for you.
Please use your departmental email address to create a Basic account at and then email requesting the Pro level.

How to Share a Pro Account
We recommend sharing a Pro account in this way:
1. Have one person responsible for the account
2. Have that person create a Zoom room/link for each faculty member that they can control. Make it a room that can be joined without host.
3. Each faculty then can add that Zoom link to their LearningHub site, email it to students, use it for any and all meetings they need to do.

Need More Zoom Pro Accounts?
If you decide you need more functionality than that, Zoom Pro accounts are $35/year.
If you want more, first make a Basic account for each using an Andrews email address; then email dlit@andrews .edu with the email address to upgrade and an IDC number to bill.

Other Info:
Only 20 students will show on your screen at a time.
Zoom tutorials:

Please share this email with staff in your area as appropriate.

Email for additional assistance and watch for the training sessions that are being scheduled.

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