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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How will the LearningHub December 2020 upgrade affect me?  
  2. LearningHub Maintenance  
  3. Zoom official AU backgrounds  
  4. How can I change the due date/close date for an Assignment/Quiz?  
  5. How can I embed media into my course  
  6. How can I find my course  
  7. How can I give a non-AU student/Guest access to my course?  
  8. How can I keep my Zoom meeting from being hacked?  
  9. How can I make a forum read-only  
  10. How can I make drop boxes?  
  11. How can I make my front Moodle page only show my current courses?  
  12. How can I set up conference/meetings times with my students in Learninghub/Moodle?  
  13. How can I transfer WeBWorK grades to Moodle?  
  14. How do change the timezone in Learninghub/Moodle to reflect where I live?  
  15. How do I add a welcome to my course?  
  16. How do I add Panopto to a course?  
  17. How do I change the layout/format of my course  
  18. How do I combine classes - cross list courses  
  19. How do I create a backup of a course? (3.9)  
  20. How do I get student's who are not financially cleared?  
  21. How do I get student's who are not registered in a specific course?  
  22. How do I give GA/Grader/Department Admin. Assistants access?  
  23. How do I hide the gradebook total, final grade, from students temporarily?  
  24. How do I import my content from one class to another?  
  25. How do I make quizzes or exam for my course?  
  26. How do I restore a Panopto video that I accidentally deleted?  
  27. How does a department use one zoom account for all teachers?  
  28. How does a staff member, faculty member, faculty member's spouse get access to their free course?  
  29. How does a student with an I or DG in a course get access?  
  30. How to add a Credo LTI link to your Moodle course  
  31. How to add a Password to quizzes?  
  32. How to Add a Rubric to an Assignment  
  33. How to add an extra credit item to gradebook  
  34. How to Add an iClicker Block in Moodle  
  35. How to Add Checklist tool to course?  
  36. How to Add the Attendance Block, and Take Attendance in Moodle  
  37. How to assign groups  
  38. How to attach a second video to a video in Panopto  
  39. How to change the grade display type?  
  40. How to check messages in LearningHub  
  41. How to check notifications of LearningHub  
  42. How to check quiz results in Panopto  
  43. How to create a Panopto Assignment folder?  
  44. How to create a user override for student accommodations?  
  45. How to Create an Assignment Dropbox  
  46. How to Customize your Dashboard Using an HTML Block  
  47. How to enable tracking of changes to submission of assignments  
  48. How to extend time limit on quizzes/exams  
  49. How to give access to non-students to your course  
  50. How to Grade Discussion Forums  
  51. How to make my course visible to my students  
  52. How to manage notifications  
  53. How to manage the OneTopic format  
  54. How to Manage your "Favourites" in the Dashboard  
  55. How to move a course from "In progress" to the "Past" courses tab  
  56. How to move a course from "In progress" to the "Past" courses tab.  
  57. How to save a copy of my gradebook  
  58. How to set up Lockdown Browser when giving an online quiz or exam  
  59. How to set up my gradebook with Natural Aggregation  
  60. How to upload Syllabus to iVue  
  61. How to use Active Quiz  
  62. How to use FontAwesome  
  63. How to use iClicker Cloud  
  64. How to use iClicker Cloud: Instructor's Guide  
  65. How to use iClicker Reef: Student's Guide  
  66. How to use Respondus Lockdown Browser on a Chromebook  
  67. How to use StudentQuiz - Students create their own quiz questions  
  68. How to use the Boards course format  
  69. How to Use the Dates Report  
  70. How to use the Tab Display resource  
  71. How to Use the Tabs Filter  
  72. How to view suspended students in gradebook, to view all students, non active students  
  73. How to view your grades in LearningHub  
  74. LearningHub Upgrade 3.9 Plugins Removed  
  75. Mahara Portfolio Instructions - MPH  
  76. Read Aloud - QuickGuide  
  77. Turn-it-in (Turnitin) instructions  
  78. Upload your photo to Vault  
  79. Wacom Pen Tablet Tips  
  80. What courses show up in the Moodle home page (Dashboard)?  
  81. What do I do if I have an assignment worth more than 100 points?  
  82. What if a student looses the internet while taking a quiz or exam?  

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