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FAQs regarding LearningHub, Zoom, Mahara and other learning tools. Also see the QuickGuide categories listed above for full tutorials.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Zoom official AU backgrounds  
  2. Access: How do I give GA/Grader/Department Admin. Assistants access?  
  3. Access: How do I give students access to the course who are not financially cleared?  
  4. Access: How does a staff member, faculty member, faculty member's spouse get access to their free course?  
  5. Access: How to give access to non-students to your course  
  6. Activities: A full list of options under "Activities" in LearningHub  
  7. Activities: How to use the Tab Display resource  
  8. Assignment/Quiz dates: How can I change the due date/close date for an Assignment/Quiz?  
  9. Assignment: How to add an override on student quizzes and assignments  
  10. Assignments - Turnitin: How can I comment and review comments in Turnitin?  
  11. Assignments: How can I make drop boxes?  
  12. Assignments: How to enable tracking of changes to submission of assignments  
  13. Assignments: How to submit an assignment for a student  
  14. Assignments: How to view or upload an annotated PDF file in a LearningHub assignment  
  15. Assignments: Why does my Turnitin Assignment show a ‘Read Only’ mode?  
  16. Calendar: Creating a Calendly calendar integrated with your Zoom meetings  
  17. Calendar: How to add an event to the calendar block or upcoming events block in a course  
  18. Course: How do I change the layout/format of my course  
  19. Course: How do I combine classes (cross list courses)  
  20. Course: How do I create a backup of a course? (Moodle 3.9)  
  21. Course: How to Import course content from one semester to another  
  22. Course: How to move items in the OneTopic format  
  23. Courses: How do I close my past courses to students?  
  24. Courses: How do I find upcoming courses in my Dashboard?  
  25. Courses: How do I import my content from one class to another?  
  26. Courses: How do I make a course available to my students?  
  27. Courses: How to change all the dates quickly in an imported course  
  28. Courses: How to download a course from LearningHub to your computer  
  29. Courses: How to send a general email to your class  
  30. Dashboard: How can I find my course?  
  31. Files: How can I make my word document a file to down load then upload back for an exam  
  32. Gradebook: How do I hide the gradebook total, final grade, from students temporarily?  
  33. Gradebook: How to add an extra credit item to gradebook  
  34. Gradebook: How to change the grade display type?  
  35. Gradebook: How to print the gradebook  
  36. Gradebook: How to save a copy of my gradebook  
  37. Gradebook: How to set up a gradebook with 2 and 3 credit students in the class  
  38. Gradebook: How to set up my gradebook with Natural Aggregation  
  39. Gradebook: How to view suspended students in gradebook, to view all students, non active students  
  40. Gradebook: Troubleshooting when the student's grade is different than the teacher's grade  
  41. Grades: How to export grades from LearningHub to an Excel sheet  
  42. Grades: How to submit grades in Vault (final grade, instructions for teachers)  
  43. Grades: Incomplete Contract Instructions  
  44. LearningHub 4.0 Upgrade Differences  
  45. Mahara: How to import collection (template) files into Mahara  
  46. Mahara: How to share your Mahara Portfolio  
  47. Mahara: Troubleshooting Mahara  
  48. Misc: DLiT Drop-in Sign Up for Zoom meeting with Tech Support  
  49. Misc: Grammarly accounts  
  50. Misc: How do change the timezone in Learninghub to reflect where I live?  
  51. Misc: How do I add a welcome to my course?  
  52. Misc: How to manage notifications  
  53. Misc: How to set up Lockdown Browser when giving an online quiz or exam  
  54. Misc: How to upload Syllabus to iVue  
  55. Misc: The Library's Curriculum Builder resource  
  56. Panopto: How do I restore a Panopto video that I accidentally deleted?  
  57. Panopto: How to attach a second video to a video in Panopto  
  58. Panopto: How to check quiz results in Panopto  
  59. Panopto: How to embed a video into LearningHub  
  60. Panopto: How to share a Panopto video that allows for downloading  
  61. Panopto: How to upload a video from your phone directly to Panopto  
  62. Panopto: Panopto block - videos not showing  
  63. Quiz: Asking DLiT to create your quiz or exam in LearningHub  
  64. Quiz: How to create a user override for student accommodations?  
  65. Quiz: How to extend time limit on quizzes/exams  
  66. Quiz: Lockdown Browser - enabling and using the calculator  
  67. Schedule: How can I set up conference/meetings times with my students in Learninghub?  
  68. Tools: How to use FontAwesome  
  69. Tools: How to use iClicker Cloud  
  70. Tools: How to use iClicker Cloud: Instructor's Guide  
  71. Tools: How to use iClicker Reef: Student's Guide  
  72. Tools: How to use Respondus Lockdown Browser on a Chromebook  
  73. Tools: Wacom Pen Tablet Tips  
  74. Video: How can I add a media link into my course  
  75. Zoom: Basic vs. Pro (Licensed) Andrews accounts  
  76. Zoom: Being a Good Steward - Important Guidelines  
  77. Zoom: Breakout Rooms  
  78. Zoom: Closed Captioning and Transcribing in Zoom Meeting Videos  
  79. Zoom: Co-host features in Zoom  
  80. Zoom: for Admin Asst. - setting up meetings for other faculty  
  81. Zoom: for Faculty in-class to online transition  
  82. Zoom: How can I keep my Zoom meeting from being hacked?  
  83. Zoom: PowerPoint presentations  
  84. Zoom: Using the Zoom control bar  
  85. ZZZ - LearningHub Upgrade 3.9 Plugins Removed  

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