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Courses: How do I import my content from one class to another?
Last Updated 2 years ago

To import content from one course to another, do the following:

1. In the NEW course, click on Import in the gear icon drop-down, upper right of the page.
2. If the old course is not listed, in the search box type the acronym, number, and section number of the course (or open the old course and copy the name at the top of the course written with all dashes: e.g. SP2022-PATH-543-130; paste it into the search field).
3. Select the course to copy by clicking in the box to the left of the name of the course
4. Click Continue - the list of items to import appear with all checked. If you tried before to import and received an error then please UNCHECK the "Blocks" item and proceed. This usually works to avoid the error.
5. Click Next (on the right side)
6. Uncheck the items you do NOT want to copy into the new course. Items to not import are:
a. Surveys
b. Attendance
c. Turnitin Assignments
7. Click Next - this will confirm the items you want to import
8. Click Perform import
9. Click Continue (it will refresh back to your course)

If you still receive an error: check the format of the old course. If it is not "Topics" then the new course format needs to be changed to match the old course format. You can find the format settings by: click on the gear icon and choose "Edit settings". Click on the word "Format" to open the section and view the settings. If the old course is not "Topics" then change the new course format settings to match the old course format.  Also add the same number of sections/topics to the new course that there are in the old course, before importing.

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