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Creating a Calendly calendar integrated with your Zoom meetings
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There is workshop video on this subject, from 7-2-2020, at

The video begins with basic Zoom instructions and some tips setting up a meeting:

1.Go to, enter your profile page, check “use this ID for instant meetings”. Go to the bottom and click “Edit this meeting”. Enable the waiting room, then save. If someone comes into the waiting room you can message them with an auto message (include your name).

2.Go to your Zoom “Settings” and scroll to “Waiting Room”. Here you add the Customize logo, etc. you can add “Thank you for Coming.I’ll be with you shortly.If you didn’t enter your name please add that now.” You can also give a title to your meeting room.

3.Then when you go to “Meetings” and start meeting, on the Participants tab you can see who is waiting and admit them or remove them, or message them personally in the chat space, or message everyone in the waiting room.

NOTE: In order to integrate your Zoom meeting into your Calendly calender you need a Pro Zoom account. Usually you also need a paid Calendly account, though during Covid, 2020, they are providing this service with their basic, free version.

Setting up Calendly (see video at 17:35)

1.Go to and set up an account.Choose a url name.Then connect with Exchange and AU email (if using Outlook for your calendar).

2.(20:26) A Getting Started Guide pops up, which is helpful to go through.When ready, click “Integrations” on top menu bar.This integration is usually only available through a paid account.They were? Making it available for free during Covid…

3.(20:57) screen shows page where it has the notice that a Zoom Admin. must pre-approve Calendly, but that has been done as a Zoom setting in the main Andrews Zoom account so it should not pose a problem.

4.Go to home and select one meeting time limit (Basic restriction). Choose the time and then customize it. Choose to notify by phone call, then click on “Add new location” and choose Zoom, so now people can use both ways to notify.

5.Event is set up for 60 rolling days.Then fine tune availability, click on each day and choose specific times.You can also set it up that no one can make an appointment without 1 or 2, etc. hours notice.

6.When finished with set-up you can click on upper right “View live page” and you can see what students see.

7.You can customize the form that people fill out when they schedule the meeting.The confirmation email will include the zoom link, and will go to your outlook calendar and email.The student’s confirmation email can also be customized to include what to do or expect in the meeting.

If you have a paid subscription you can set up reminder emails to be sent, as well as other items.

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