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Interlibrary Loan
Borrowing Policies for On-Campus Patrons

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What is Interlibrary Loan?
Who are eligible?
How long does ILL take?
What items are processed by ILL?
How much does it cost?
How many requests can be submitted?
How are requests submitted?
How are requests cancelled?
How are patrons notified of their requests?
How do patrons check the status of their requests?
Where are items picked up and returned?
Are there renewal privileges?
What happens when a book is lost?
What are the borrower's responsibilities?

What is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) supports the curricular needs of graduate and undergraduate students of Andrews University (AU) and the research and teaching needs of Andrews University faculty and staff by acquiring materials that are not available in James White Library (JWL) or Michigan Electronic Library Catalog (MeLCat). It also directs patrons to libraries where patrons can access resources themselves without the mediation of ILL.

Exclusions: ILL will not process the following items:

  • Anything that JWL or MeLCat has in print, microform (including ERIC documents), electronic, or other formats
  • Items which are free on the Web
  • Textbooks
  • Materials that are for recreation, entertainment, hobbies, genealogy, etc.
  • Materials for the research needs of family and friends
  • Reference books, media entire sets of books or serials
  • Rare or fragile materials
Who are eligible?

Patrons must have currently validated Andrews ID cards and be JWL users in good standing. First-time users must attend a library workshop or ask for assistance at the Information Desk before processing ILL request.

  • Andrews University students who need items that support their academic research needs.
  • Andrews faculty and staff who need items that support their academic research and teaching needs.

Exclusions: The following groups of people are not entitled to ILL. They are encouraged to consult their own libraries for their ILL needs.

  • Ruth Murdoch Elementary students
  • Andrews Academy students
  • Family members of Andrews University ID card holders
  • Holders of courtesy permits such as Community cards, Infopass, etc.
  • Community patrons and visitors
How long does ILL take?
  • Most items arrive within 2 weeks.
What items are processed by ILL?
  • Books, dissertations, or theses are borrowed and returned for the patrons.
  • Photocopied articles acquired for patrons do not have to be returned.
  • Microforms must be returned whenever specified.
How much does it cost?
  • Free to eligible patrons even if service is costly and labor-intensive.
  • Charges are for overdue ($1.00/day), non-pick up of items ($5.00/per item), damages, losses, or failure to follow instructions. No grace period.
How many requests can be submitted?
  • No more than 10 requests within the same week.
  • To avoid renewals and paying overdue fines, patrons should submit fewer requests if borrowing items that have to be returned.
How are requests submitted?

How are requests cancelled?
  • Press Cancel button if request has not been sent.
  • Phone ILL office (269 471-3506) right away if request has already been sent.
How are patrons notified of their requests?
  • Books, Dissertations, or Theses - Written or phone notices are sent to patrons instructing them to pick up materials from the Circulation Desk.
  • Periodical articles - Articles are delivered electronically or by postal mail to the patron. Open electronically delivered materials immediately.
How do patrons check the status of their requests?

Two weeks after ordering, patron must check the Circulation Desk or call the ILL Office to see if the books requested have arrived. Notices sent to patrons may be lost or in transit.

Where are items picked up and returned?
Books, Dissertations or Theses:
  • Circulation Desk for pick up, renewals, and returns.
  • Follow lending restrictions carefully.
  • Patron may ask for receipt for items returned.
  • Sent directly to the patron. No need to return unless there are special instructions.
Are there renewal privileges?

Yes in cases of emergency only.

  • Renewal depends on patron's circulation records and if lending library agrees.
  • No phone renewals.
  • Properly filled out request forms (one per item) must be submitted to the Circulation Desk no less than 3 workings days before due date.
  • Patron can keep book until notified of new date and must keep new date attached to book until it is returned.
  • Patron must return book within 2 weeks of original date if renewal is not granted. Overdue fines take effect immediately,
What happens when a book is lost?
  • Books are considered lost when not returned one month from date due.
  • Patron will be charged replacement cost which includes processing fee and any other charges placed by the lending library.
What are the borrower's responsibilities?
  • Verify that items requested are not in the library holdings or MeLCat or accessible on the web or in other nearby libraries or resources.
  • Provide accurate citations of items requested.
  • Make correct analysis of citations.
  • Keep track of items requested and returned.
  • Request the number of items that can be read within the time limit set by the lending library in order to return them on time without frequent renewals.
  • Give accurate and honest information about themselves and the items requested.
  • Cancel requests no longer needed.
  • Respond immediately to communications received about their requests.
  • Follow up requests two weeks after order has been placed.
  • Pay all fines and charges.
  • Abide by the policies and procedures.
  • Cooperate with the Library personnel.

The ILL Office reserves the right to accept or reject requests depending on the circumstances. Patrons who abuse the system, present problems, or refuse to abide by policies and regulations will forfeit their interlibrary loan privileges. Policies are subject to change at any time. Patrons are responsible for abiding by U.S. copyright laws. The ILL Office does not hold any responsibility for patron's violation of copyright laws.

Policy updated February 9, 2007.

Updated October 22, 2018