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James White Library
Interlibrary Loan
Borrowing Procedures for On-Campus Patrons

Basic procedures are explained in Lesson 5 of the Library Primer tutorial.

What are the pre-requisites for submitting an ILL request?
How are requests submitted?
How do patrons know when materials have arrived?
Where are items picked up and returned?
How are requests cancelled?
How are renewals requested?
Where should one go for assistance?
Where can patrons purchase items instead of requesting them through ILL?

What are the pre-requisites for submitting an ILL request?
  1. Analyze the citation or the bibliographic record carefully.
    • Is it a book, a chapter in a book, a journal article, a document, etc.?
    • Is it paper, microform, video, audio, computer file?
    • Is it the edition needed?
  2. Look up the library's holdings.
    • Toggle between the index being searched and the library holdings screen.
    • Book, Dissertation, or Thesis - Check the Library Catalog first by title, then by author. If not retrieved under title search, double check by using a word search.
    • Periodical Title - Check first the Fulltext Journal Titles to find it in print or in fulltext. Double check periodical searches by verifying abbreviations and title changes.
    • Similar to a periodical title but no exact date - Chances are it may be an annual or a monographic series. Check the Library Catalog under Title (not periodical title).
    • ERIC Document (identified by ED accession numbers in the ERIC database) - Find the document in the ERIC microfiche collection housed in the Multimedia Center using the accession number.
  3. If it is not in James White Library:
    • Find an online source where it can be downloaded for free.
    • Find a nearby library where the material can be photocopied.
    • If nowhere else, proceed to the next step.
  4. Verify eligibility to process ILL.
    • If not eligible, check with other libraries to which you belong.
    • If eligible, proceed to the next step.
How are requests submitted?
  1. Log on to a computer properly connected to Andrews University.
  2. Choose the right database for the item needed.
    • Books - WorldCat
    • Dissertations - WorldCat or Dissertation Abstracts (not from any other databases)
    • Periodical Articles - Choose correct OCLC FirstSearch Database and ignore messages indicating that periodical title is held by Andrews University
    • Chapter in Edited Book - WorldCat: search by book title or book editor
  3. Choose the correct record (note edition, language, format, etc.).
  4. Determine your eligibility to do ILL.
    • If not eligible, go back to home page. Sorry!
    • If eligible, click on ILL icon and go to next step.
  5. Click on ILL icon and fill out the ILL form by giving the following:
    • Last name, First name
    • Address
      • use intercampus zip code if within Andrews campus
      • give complete street/postal address if outside Andrews campus
    • Telephone number
    • Email (Andrews email preferred)
    • Andrews ID number
    • Department or Major - Please select your major or department!
    • Date needed - Leave blank!
    • Max cost - Leave blank!
    • Status - Please select your correct status.
  6. Click the Submit button.
  7. If done correctly, this message will appear: "Your request was successfully sent."
How do patrons know when materials have arrived?
  • Books, Dissertations, or Theses - Written or phone notices are sent to patrons.
  • Periodical articles - Articles are delivered electronically or by postal mail to the patron.
  • If nothing has been received after 2 weeks, check the status of request with th eILL Office or ask the Circulation desk if you have received anything.
Where are items picked up and returned?
  • Go to the Circulation Desk for pick up, renewals, and returns. Pick up immediately because loan period includes notification time; loan time varies from library to library.
  • Follow lending restrictions carefully.
  • Patron may ask for receipt of items returned.
How are requests cancelled?
  • Press Cancel button if request has not been sent.
  • Phone ILL office immediately if request has already been sent. If cancellation is received after book has arrived, patron will be charged the non-pickup fee.
How are renewals requested?

No later than 3 working days before the due date, take the book to the Circulation Desk

  • Fill out one renewal form per book at the Circulation Desk.
  • Have the book stamped with "Renewal requested."
  • Keep the book with its original due date.
  • Wait for information from the ILL Office.
Where should one go for assistance?
Ask for assistance in processing ILL requests? Information Desk (in person)
Cancel a request? Interlibrary Loan (471-3506)
Pick up books or dissertations? Circulation Desk (in person)
Renew? Circulation Desk (in person)
Return books or dissertations? Circulation Desk (in person)
Check status of request? Interlibrary Loan (471-3506)
Check if renewal has been granted? Interlibrary Loan (471-3506)
Know how to open electronic article? Interlibrary Loan (471-3506)

Where can patrons purchase items instead of requesting them through ILL?

Articles: Ingenta

Barnes and Noble

Dissertations: UMI Proquest
ERIC Documents:

ERIC Document Reproduction Service

Updated October 22, 2018