a few of my favorite things

Welcome to my page. I hope you enjoy looking over this basic website I made for Digital Media class. Maybe you like the same things I do, but maybe you don't. Doesn't matter. I just hope you have an amazing time browsing through my site!

<--my sister with our dog, Doggie. <3

  My name is A.M. I am a freshman in college, and this is my first semester. Digital Media is only a crash course on,well, digital media, so don't be offended if this website stinks! ^_^
  I love a lot of things. I'm a very open person, and I love learning and doing new stuff. So if you decide you have better interests than I do, let me know so I can agree/disagree. LOL.
  I love to laugh, and friends and family are my life. Seriously. Don't mess with that. I'm making lots of new friends everyday, so contact me and maybe WE can be friends! <3

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