Calkins Centennial Farm

CCF Barn

The barn was most likely built about 1880--sorry I don't have a more precise date. The original part is the north portion 24'x36'. It is mostly of post and hand hewn beam construction, although the 4'x4's tend to be sawn. Pictures of the mortise and tenon aspects are shown below. In the old part, the stables were to the east. In 1917 my Great Uncle Lee decided to expand the barn and got a quote of $20 per 1000 board feet for hemlock from the lumber company owner in Tustin (Daddy, please supply name again). By the time he ordered it, the price was $60 per 1000 board feet due to the US entry into WWI, and that is what had to be paid. Dimensional lumber was used in the 1917 36'x36' addition to the south. Some 12' long by 6" diameter poles were used to support some of the upper floor levels (over the drive through and the cow stables). The old (south?) doors, were used as flooring above the cow stable! The old doors (both north and south) were hinged. I should note that the north barn doors are a rather mismatched set, different board widths and door widths. This has helped identify some early pictures as being this barn.

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Yet to be scanned CCF Silo filling CCF Barn with Silo after 1936

In 1936 the barn was remodeled (5 horse stalls goes to 4), which included the steel roofing. Underneath is found the original wooden shingles. There may have been other changes, but I am unaware of them. I think the garage was also built at this time. I've been told that was built by John Aalderink (a Thompson cousin) with lumber from the house at the old Stocking place (3/4 mile east). Also visible in the old picture of the barn above is the hog shed. Notice the double layer of siding on the horse stalls (1967 picture). The horse stalls are in the south east corner, and the cow stables are in the south west corner, each about 12'x24'. North of the horse stall was the granery area (see 1995 repairs below).

CCF and ? Looking NW, March 1967

Notice how the barn has spread, with mortises being pulled out of the tenons. Perhaps, the south part shifted south, but also settling of the east and west ends caused some problems. The middle view below is looking east (see the outhouse), the second view is looking west. These are in the middle of the barn, on either side of the original south doors (before the 1917 addition of the 36'x36' portion). Notice the outhouse roof and remains of the scaffolding used in garage roof repair. I used 15 ton come-alongs and installed steel cables with heavy-duty turnbuckles above these beams to arrest these alarming developments.

Summer of 1994 I started barn repairs with 16 yards of concrete for a floor (24'x24', 12'x36') and reinforced footings, especially the NW corner. Also, siding was installed on the south, closing up opening. This was done in July in preparation for a semi load of computer equipment in August. The siding was used first as an unloading ramp. We also did some relandscaping on the north. My father was extremely helpful on many of these projects. More details are available in my 1994 Christmas letter

Barn in 1993 (see roofline!) South end of East side, old part. South end of West side, old part

We also did a fair amount of repair to the barn in July 1995. Primarily that involved replacing the rotten post, rafters, and roofing in the granery area. We also poured footings for the east posts of the old part and footings for cement blocks. various parts were jacked up substantially in the process. See pictures below and more details in my 1995 Christmas letter.

Before repairs (July 1995) During repairs (July 4, 1995) New post installed (1995)

Newly hewn post (1995) NE footing, 1995 (40-20) New floor poured (1996) (See culvert stolen that winter.) (40-17)

See Theron? on Roof!, July 1995 (40-3) Freshly laid block, 1995 (40-6) 1995? (40-11)

Blocks all laid in NE corner. (40-10) Footprints, Footprints, (40-8) Footprints, .... (40-9)

CCF Barn, 1996 (40-17) North Doors rehung, Sep. 1995? (40-13) North Doors rehung, Sep. 1995? (40-12)

1996 barn wall & siding under 1995 roof at CCF September?, 1996 (40-18)

New wall built (1996) (40-23) CCF Barn, 1996 (40-24) Garage/barn looking SE, 1997