Calkins Centennial Farm

Keith Calkins, siblings & sons

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For a different organization of these pictures I need to organize them by: House, Barn, Garage, Family, Pines, Other.
1994? Family Reunion Roasting Only Marshmellow?
1994? Family Reunion Roasting Only Marshmellow?
Thrashing time Nothing
Uncle Lee and ? Uncle Lee and ?
Aunt Ada kept a Farm Diary: Volume I and Volume II. (There must be another one somewhere with end of the season stories.) Pat wrote a book about the homestead.
South East corner of barn March 1967 South side of chicken coop and house March 1967
Red Pines, Mike, Ada March 1967 Mike, Pat, Ada, March 1967 Big Maple Tree, June 1999

(Above) View of the Calkins Centennial Farm from the west (sorry about the splice lines).

Above left is the Calkins Centennial Farm (CCF), 40 acres described as: the NE ¼ of the NW ¼ section 15 town 20 north range 9 west (Sherman Township, Osceola Co.), Michigan, thus 1320' square. This is about 10 miles south of Cadillac. Note the 10 acre corn field on the west side, the 5 acres of mainly red pines and with hardwood in the south center and the barn, house, orchard in the north center. This picture was taken before 1995. Above right is the square mile known as section 15.

Henry Calkins purchased the 40 acre Calkins Farm in the early 1880's. Henry died in 1908 and his wife since 1869 MalVina (Thompson) owned the property until she died in 1939. Their bachelor son (Byron) Lee owned it until his death in 1966. Whence Louis's (see below) "old maid" daughter Ada bought it and used it as a summer cottage. She sold it in 1993 to Keith G. Calkins who is selling his sister Alice and brother Fred each an undivided 15% with the restriction it stay in the family. Henry's son Louis owned the 40 acres in the SE corner (SE ¼ of the SE ¼) of section 15 for many years and his children were born there. George Fox owned the next 40 acres west (the SW ¼ of the SE ¼) and his daughter Florence Fox married Louis. These and other ancestors and relatives of Keith G. Calkins are buried in the Sherman Township Cemetary visible near the SW corner of section 15.

We did a fair amount of repair to the barn in July 1995. See also the story in my 1995 Christmas letter.

Located two miles south of CCF is Home Harbor Farm, (my mother's name for the place) where I grew up. Still living there are my father (since 1946) and step-mother (since 1971).