Algebra For You

Table of Contents

Lesson Lecture Title (shortened) Homework Solutions Activity
0Preface: Algebra For You Project - Title page
1What is Algebra H? AL1 Solution AL1 ?
2Like Terms, Expressions H? AL2 Solution AL2 ?
3Order of Operations, Exponentiation Homework AL3 Solution AL3 ?
4Equations and the Golden Rule H? AL4 Solution AL4 ?
5Solving Linear Equations Homework AL5 Solution AL5 ?
6?? Homework AL6 Solution AL6 ?
7?? Homework AL7 Solution AL7 ?
8?? Homework AL8 Solution AL8 ?
9?? Homework AL9 Solution AL9 ?
10Word Problems Homework AL10 Solution AL10 ?
11Polynomials Homework AL11 Solution AL11 ?
12Quadratic equations Homework AL12 Solution AL12 Structured Sort
13FOIL (First, Outer, Inner, Last) Homework AL13 Solution AL13 ?
14Factoring: ax2 + bx + c, a=1, c>0 Homework AL14 Solution AL14 ?
15Factoring: ax2 + bx + c, a=1, b<0, c>0 Homework AL15 Solution AL15 ?
16Factoring: ax2 + bx + c, a=1, b#0, c<0 Homework AL16 Solution AL16 ?
17Factoring: ax2 + bx + c, a#1 Homework AL17 Solution AL17 ?
18Factoring: mixture Homework AL18 Solution AL18 ?
19Factoring: c=0, b=0, difference of squares Homework AL19 Solution AL19 ?
20Quadratic Formula Homework AL20 Solution AL20 ?
21Graphing on a Number Line Homework AL21 Solution AL21 ?
22Graphing on the Cartesian Plane Homework AL22 Solution AL22 ?
23T charts and functions Homework AL23 Solution AL23 Taba quadratics
24Solving/Graphing Direct Inequalities Homework AL24 Solution AL24 ?
25Solving/Graphing Linear Inequalities Homework AL25 Solution AL25 quiz
26Solving/Graphing Quadratic Inequalities Homework AL26 Solution AL26 ?
27Solving/Graphing Absolute Inequalities Homework AL27 Solution AL27 ?
28?? Homework AL28 Solution AL28 ?
29?? Homework AL29 Solution AL29 ?
30Solving Systems of two equations by graphing Homework AL30 Solution AL30 ?
31Solving Systems of two equations by substitution Homework AL31 Solution AL31 ?
32Solving Systems of two equations by linear combination Homework AL32 Solution AL32 ?
33Solving Systems of two equations by determinants Homework AL33 Solution AL33 ?
34Solving Systems of two equations by ? Homework AL34 Solution AL34 ?
35Solving Systems of two equations by Augmented Matrices Homework AL35 Solution AL35 ?
36?? Homework AL36 Solution AL36 ?