Note: this document has been superceded by a pdf) version. The odd answers, being useful, remain here.

Numbers and Their Application to Math and Science

Table of Contents

Lesson Table of Contents Homework Odd Solutions Activity
-1   Table of Contents
0 Solutions NL0 Welcome 1, 04, 03
1 Solutions NL1 Game of Set, Crossword
2 Solutions NL2 Counting Skittles®
3 Solutions NL3 Factoring, Quiz12A, Quiz12B
4 Solutions NL4 Magic Boxes
5 Solutions NL5 Dicey Math
6 Solutions NL6 Quiz, Count M&M's
7 Solutions NL7 TI-83 Intro
8 Solutions NL8 Calc. Fractions
Special Topic: Unit Fractions - - Frac. Match-Up
9 Solutions NL9 Measure, Quiz
10 Solutions NL10 Joys of Root Ext.
11 Solutions NL11 Box Problem
12 Solutions NL12 Calc. Slopes
13 Solutions NL13 Game of 24
14 Solutions NL14 Natural Logs, Test Quiz
15 Solutions NL15 Complex Calc., Matchless, Booklet Quiz
The topics below are used with our sophomores and are not part of our freshmen series.
16Trigonometric Intro. - - - Quiz: 16, 16Y, 16X, 16W, 16V, 14.1, A15.6
17Logs, Natural and otherwise - - - Puzzle Pieces
18Trigonometric Identities - - - -?-
19Quadratic Relations - - - Word Puzzles answers
20Numbers Summary Homework NL20 - - Number/phrase, answers

Homework solutions and the activities are not expected to be available to the general public, so don't be surprised by a "cannot find" type errors message. However, new in 1999-2000 were answers to the odd questions! (Not necessarily up-to-date!) The activities are an essential part of the course. The lecture, homework grading, and activity each comprise about 1/3 of a normal class period. The homework (and solutions) to Numbers Lesson 10 utilized IBM's techexplorer plug-in. (An Adobe PDF format may also be available.) The introductory techexplorer version was available for free. The professional version (about $30) is required for printing. Note that this technology was sold summer 2003 to Integre Technical Publishing, Co.

When preparing your booklet for stapling, please check that you have all handouts and arrange them in order above left to right, then top to bottom. Grayed out entries are still in draft form, not generally distributed, are used for upperclassmen, or were omitted this year. Blacked out entries generally do not exist.