A Review of Basic Geometry

Table of Contents

Lesson Lecture Title (shortened) Homework Solutions Activity
-1Title page     Table of Contents
0Preface: A Review of Basic Geometry     Geometers, Formatwwp, Questions,
Mathematicians, Formatwowp
1Undefined: Points, Lines, and Planes Homework GM1 Solution GM1 Möbius Strip, Fe-Fo Axioms, Q1.4/Stat, MML/test Q, Q1.5, Q1.1-1.5
2Definitions, Logic, Sets, Polygons Homework GM2 Solution GM2 Topo Games, More Games, Family Tree, Q2.1, Q2.1-2.6
3Angles, Lines both Parallel and Perpendicular Homework GM3 Solution GM3 Q03, Q33-34, Rot. Q, Const. Q, Ch1/2 Test Q, Alg.Ex. 33-34, Q36-37, Q37-41, Q37-38, Q3
4Congruence and Reflections Homework GM4 Solution GM4 U-shape, Pentagon Const. Quiz, Crossword Tori, Crossword KB, Tesselate KB X-word, Qz 4.1, Qz 4.3, Qz 4.4, Qz 4.6, Qz 4.8,
5Proofs with Congruence Homework GM5 Solution GM5 -, Q5.1, Q5.2, Q5.1&2, Q5.3, Q5.4, Q5.5/6, Q5.6, Q5.R
6Classifying Polygons by Symmetry Homework GM6 Solution GM6 -, Quizzes: 6.1, 6.2, 6.3, 6.5-6.6, 6ntbk, xwords
7Triangle Congruences, Not! Homework GM7 Solution GM7 7.1#24, Tess. Proj., Quizzes: 7.3/4, 7.5/6, 7.6, 7.9, alg.a, alg.b, alg.b', alg.c, tess. rubric
8Perimeters and Areas Homework GM8 Solution GM8 Q8.2, WS8.2, Q8.3-, Cloze 8.S, Areas
9Space, the Final Frontier Homework GM9 Solution GM9 qz93, qz94, qz95, qz967, Africa map
10Lateral & Surface Areas, Volumes Homework GM10 Solution GM10 3 pyramid nets make prism, 10.1q, 10.2q, 10.3q, 10.6q, 10.8q, 10.9q
11Proofs, Indirect and Coordinate Homework GM11 Solution GM11 Zebra EC, Zebra Grids, Contra. Q, Ind. Q, Q11.5, Q11.6, Q11.8, Q11nb
12Same Shape but maybe not same Size: Similar Homework GM12 Solution GM12 12.1qz, 12.3qz
13Sim. Tri. and An Intro. to Trig. Homework GM13 Solution GM13 13.1-3, trig
14Going Full Circle Review GM14 Solution GM14 Cloze 14.5, Cloze 14.8, Completeness

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