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Review of Basic Geometry - Lesson 4

Crossword Puzzle for Klein Bottles

Imagine that these two crossword puzzles are located on the surface of a Klein bottle—a 3-D möbius strip. Thus words not only wrap around from one side to the other and from top to bottom, but there is no consistent sense of left or right. The little arrow shows you which direction each horizontal word goes.


  1. Paddle.
  2. Adult male.
  3. Yields a chicken.
  4. Long skinny fish.
  1. Hourly pay.
  2. Myself.
  3. Some words may be _ _ _ _ _ _ than you think!











1.Used to be.
2.Surfers need one.
5.Active and agile.
6.Made first American flag.
1.Twists like wet lumber.
2.Used to be.
4.Days of long ago.
7.Repeat this puzzle upward and the
horizontal words will _ _ _ _ _ _ _!













These and other puzzles and games can be located at
                          E R E W
                        W   E V A W
                        A C   E R A C
                        S   Y R P S   Y
                          R O S S     O
                        W E R E   W E R E
                        A V E   W A V E   W
                        R E   C A R E   C A
                        P R Y   S P R Y   S
                        S S O R   S S O R