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A Review of Basic Geometry

Activity for Geometry Lesson 14

Directions: You may work together, but answer each question carefully using your own Geometry booklet. Take time to put the booklet in THIS order. Make a list by table of who is missing what (nonbonus) items.
  1. geomtit: zip+4 for BCMSC (ISD Math anyway).

  2. geomtoc: Short lesson 7 title.

  3. geom01: Technical term for shortest path (bottom page 1).

  4. bonus: geom015q: question 6: yes or no?

  5. geom01ac: Year of death of Felix Klein (above comic page 2).

  6. geom02: irony of convex polygon (page 3, top).

  7. bonus: geom02ac: Name of puzzle in bottom pictures page 1.

  8. bonus: geom02ae: mother's maiden name.

  9. geom03: definition of angle.

  10. bonus: geom03qd: What was rotated?

  11. bonuses: geom3q67 (Q4) and geom03qc (Q5).

  12. geom04: What is difference between similarity and congruence?

  13. geom04qc: Method used in Q6.

  14. bonuses: geom04xw/xx/xy: Sleeping Place (1 across)/7 vertical (back).

  15. bonuses: geom044q, geom046q: Q7 (both).

  16. bonus: geom04ac: angle size in pentagon (bottom of page 2).

  17. geom05: When did two-column proofs first appear?

  18. bonuses: geom052q, geom053q, geom056q: Q5 (all).

  19. geom06: Name the four centers of a triangle.

  20. bonus: geom063q: Q1.

  21. geom07: Which combinations of 3 from {S,A} are not congruences?

  22. bonus: geom7124: coordinates of yo-yo.

  23. bonus: tessproj: Tesselation project due date.

  24. bonus: geom073q: 3.3 diagram.

  25. bonus: geom07rq/rr: Q5 (all).

  26. geom08: Price of Mars Orbiter (top of page 2).

  27. bonus: geom082r: Q3.

  28. geom08ac: Last three blanks.

  29. geom08ad: Q4.

  30. bonus: geom082q: Q4.

  31. geom09: Another term for a truncated cone (top of page 3).

  32. bonus: geom09ac: List three African countries spelled with four letters.

  33. geom10: What is on Archimedes' tombstone (middle page 4)?

  34. bonuses: geom101q, geom102q, geom103q, geom109q: Q5 (all).

  35. geom11: Whose axiom 5 is the induction axiom (middle of page 3)?

  36. bonus: geom11ac/ad: Who owned the zebra?

  37. bonus: geom11qz: What color are the 10 cans?

  38. bonus: geom11nb/118q: Q1.

  39. geom12: Add two letters to dilation to get (bottom of page 1)?

  40. geom13: How many nth geometric means might there be (bottom of page 1)?

  41. bonus: geom133q/13qz: Q1.

  42. geom14: An angle inscribed in a semicircle is (bottom of page 1)?

  43. geom14hw: Review due date?

  44. cloze 14.4-6/14.7-9: last blank each page.

  45. geom14ac: Report here separately the number of required handouts and bonus handouts you had.