Another branch of visual art, photography is no less interesting and exciting since the same strings of creativity bonds them.  I started photography, quite late (Dec 2004), as an extension to my artwork.  In spring 2007, I took an intro to photography class, which was just awesome! I usually use other pictures as an inspiration to draw, so starting photography was not a bad idea at all.  Most of these were taken in Southwest Michigan.

Twenty 'Til Noon

This was taken near the library of the university.


From the church courtyard of the campus... It was taken on a cloudy day


Taken on the campus of Andrews University...


On my way to the campus, I found this lovely squirrel eating like crazy. Fortunately, it wasn’t startled when I took the shot


I couldn't find a better title. These were taken during the university's annual Passion Play


This picture was also taken on the Passion Play

White Lily

That was from a bunch of flowers, an afternoon sunlight shining on it


New shoots, plants, almost anything in nature is optimist: they usually point up and look toward the heavens

Mirrored Beauty

I consider this shot as one of my best ever!















After the Rain

This was taken on AU campus, a bit after the rainfall

Morning Dew

Also taken on AU campus, after the rainfall


This one was taken on a spur of the moment...

The Last Muffin

This one was taken on a trip with friends to Chicago. We stopped by Starbucks and this picture was begging to be taken...


Around campus, the best time to take pictures is always spring!


Another pretty spring flower picture...


Yet another pretty spring flowers picture...


This picture was actually shot with a not-so-great camera... didn't turn out so bad...


Cropping does make a picture look a lot better!!






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