"Sonikku, ganbatte!"

("Hang on, Sonic!")

Sonic has become an international phenomenon. In addition to the TWO animated series that helped him gain popularity in the United States, there is also an animated series about Sonic in Japan. As with Japanese animation in general called anime (pronounced "ah-knee-may"), it can be wilder than its American counterpart while managing to retain certain Japanese characteristics of style and substance.

Sonic fans owe a HUGE debt to Alessandro Sanasi (aka Tyro) for typing up synopses of the first two Sonic anime episodes. To date, the only version of the tape available is in Japanese, and even then you're more likely to come across a second- or third-hand dub via a fan than the original. So enjoy!

Sonic Anime Episode 1: "Journey to Eggmanland"
Sonic Anime Episode 2: "Sonic vs. Metal Sonic"